Saturday, May 3, 2008


Maybe I should change my name to wogging??? I havn't done anything for a week now. Mainly because I havn't got more then 4-5 hrs of sleep every night for over a week so i have just been plumly to tired, no stamina or energy. And the weather has been kinda gloomy and cold and wet this whole week so it gave me even more excuse not to go. Well at least I am sure my knee's benefitted from the nice rest. SO my husband came home last night and I was able to get a pretty good sleep in and I decided to go out this morning and see what I could do.. It was gloomy and cold still. There was a good little breeze going on so my hands were pretty cold at first but once i got a mile into it I warmed right up and had to shed the jacket. It turned out to be just about perfect. Cold enough to keep you from feeling any heat and kept me from sweating.

I decided to try and walk a mile then run a mile and see how my knee's handled it. After the first mile of walking I still kinda had a pulled muscle in my back quad that I couldnt get stretched out that was kinda bugging me and I started getting a shin splint so i stopped and stretched a little more then decided to run. After the first couple min my legs warmed up really good and the shin stopped hurting as well as the quad. I stopped after that mile and went back to speed walking. my knee handled it great. I could feel it a little at the end of the mile but I think it did well. I started to run again after speed walking the 3rd mile and about 2/3 the way into it the knee started hurting a little so I decided to not push it so I stopped and went back to speed walking. Walked another 1-1/2 miles decided to see if I could run again and was surprised to find I could without hardly any pain so I did about another almost a full mile before I started to feel the nagging again and finished the route speed walking. I was going to go further but had to do a potty stop so decided to end it there. All in all I think I did pretty well and my knee did ok. Of course I went against Doctors and therapist advice but i fugured as long as I dont over do it and push myself to much I think I will be ok. I think it's just unrealistic to say I never will run again because I know I will. I just dont do well following orders exspecially when I feel like as long as I dont over do it and I feel good and try and speed walk at least half of the way who knows maybe I can work back into being able to run and maybe not. Maybe I will just have to deal with doing kinda both. Right now I can deal with doing both. We will see what tonight brings and see if my knee's still feel good. So maybe I will change this to a wogging blog LOL What do you think?????

Total miles 5.45 (R) 2.48 (W)2.97

weight +1 I think.. Cant remember what I was when i last posted.

Check this out.. And I thought I was being so clever and making up a new word on my own....

Wogging... A New Exercise
It's Easier Than Jogging and Burns More Fat Than Walking

How would you lose more
weight than you would by just walking and by doing something that's easier than jogging? If so maybe "wogging" is the excercise for you.Well what is wogging and how fo you do it? As the name suggests, wogging is moving at a pace that is more than a walk and less than a jog, There are even two different ways to wog. So you can chosse the one that's right for you. The first way to wog is the "steady wog". Simply wwalk at a quick pace swinging your hips as you go. You are not bouncing as you would at a jogging pace. In fact, you should concentrate on landing the heel of one foot while the other is till in the air. One of your feet are always on the pavement so that there is no jarring to the body. It is similair to race walking, but not quite as fast. Have you ever seen racewalkers? You will notice how they sway thier hips, the majority of thier movement is concentrated in the lower body. Swaying the hips both helps and allows for increased speed. Feel free to swing your arms as you wog along but exaggerated arm omvements are not necessary. . The second way to wog is in a "intermittent" fashion. That is, you are constanlty changing the pace at which you move along. You can stroll for awhile, pick up speed, stroll again, then go very slowing. The added benefit of the changing pace is that it fools your body into thinking more effort is needed. Eventually the body sets it's fat burning level at the highest pace. You may be going all different levels of speed but your body is revved to the highest it level it might need. There are many benefits to wogging. Everyone knows that walking is great excercise casue it's fun and easy .. but if you are just strolling the recommendation is that you keep at it for an hour. Lots of folks like to jog becasue it burns more calories but that's known to be tough on the joints and for some it's even painful.Whichever form of "wogging" you chose, you will get the best of both worlds. Wogging allows you go at your own pace..again and again. You'll burn alot more calories, without the wear and tear of jogging. Nexttime you lace up those sneakers why not give "wogging" a try. ?


Jen said...

Wogging....who knew! I really think that's what I saw some lady doing during the marathon. Her hips were going from side to side and she was going at a good pace.'ll have to let me know how that goes. Just be careful and don't keep going if you have pain, you don't want to be sidelined from EVERYTHING! That's a really bad place to be in!