Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weekly Cap

Well last week I didnt do anything because of being out here in Michigan house hunting so we spent most of our days being out, but this week Steve had to work so I was confined to our hotel room with no car so my choices of doing anything was very limited so I did get in some running this week.

I got to go check out the hotel gym and I did 10 mins of the stair master and 10 mins of biking, did some weights then ran 2.5 miles.. It was a great workout.. Maybe a little much after too long of inactivity because by late afternoon I was stiff and sore and hurting.. I have been batteling some kind of nerve or muscle or both in my dairy'er that has just been killing me for the last 2 weeks and I think the excercising today inflammed it and made it worse.. I sit on it just right and it sends shooting pains all the way down my leg.. AARRGGHH

Today it was like 65 degrees here so I headed out side.. They have a sidewalk type path that runs along the street of the hotel that I decided to run.. It felt great to be outside.. I got in a 2.35 mile run in..

Had appnts in the AM so it was a rest day..

Did the hotel gym again today.. Biked 15 mins, then ran 2.3 miles then did some weights.. Aching again tonight.. I must be getting old... I would hate to see what I felt like without the aid of my celebrex..

I dont know if I will do anything. Flying home today but steve has to work a half day so maybe I will go run.. I will update if I do when we get back..

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Recap of last week

I decided I would start blogging once a week on my activity. I think it will be easier this way as long as I remember to keep track of my miles and what not..

Thursday I di full body weights after a long time of nothing.. I was quite a bit sore by that evening and then dummy me I went rock climbing that night and my arms were so tired and sore.. That wasnt such a great idea..

Friday easy steady run. 3.03 miles Wasnt as bad as I thought it would be with my legs being so sore..

The rest of the weekend I slacked.. And so far have not gotten back into it yet.. It's been so cold here and we got our first real big snow storm monday so I just havn't been able to motivate myself to get on the treadmill.. Tomorrow I have early morning appnts after kids get off to school so it probably wont happen again.. In fact I doubt anything will happen for a while.. I have a freind coming in from utah on thursday and we are spending the weekend in The Big City and then I am off to Michigan house hunting for 2 weeks so my running will prob go down the tube for the next few weeks... AArrgh I just realized all this now.. It makes me crazy that I wont be doing anything.. I feel so much better when I can get out and run... Maybe I will have to see if the hotel we will be staying in has a work out facility.. Something is better then nothing I guess...