Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Slow Start

Ok so have pretty much been out of it for a while.. With all the house hunting and moving and then unpacking and to top all that off as soon as I got here I got pretty sick which turned into a sinus infection which hasnt gone away yet and its been 2 weeks and then of course I either got sick from the antibiotics or it was just a fluke that I came down with a stomach bug so I really havn't done much since I have gotten to MI.. and there are some great trails I am dying to go try.. Also with logan out of school and the other kids with still a couple weeks left I cant go out and leave her so I am stuck with the treadmill thing for a couple more weeks until school gets out then I will be able to start going again. It will be great come fall when she starts going to school full time. Then I can go anytime during the day...

So today I was really depressed when I couldnt fit into the capris I had worn last summer so I got on the treadmill and was able to speedwalk a mile then run 1 mile to finish with a quarter mile cool down. So not too bad for starting back up again.. I hope I can work up fast and get back into a really good system and good mileage without the aches and pains.. I think with all the trails up here I am going to be doing more biking then I have been so that will be a good workout for the inbetween days. Now if I can just get the motivation and energy back.. Its amazing what a few months can do to ya..