Friday, June 11, 2010

Running and Garage Sales

So Memorial weekend threw out the back again.. Lifted 4 gallons of milk and bent down to put it under the shopping cart and that movement threw it out.. Just pulled muscles I guess.. Opposite side of the surgery side so thinking it was just weak.. So had to take a week off but got back out monday the 7th had an ok run.. Would run a mile walk a quarter then run again. Did about 3 sets of those.. The weather was absolutly perfect though.. blue skies, sunny 55 when left 62 when I got back.. Very nice... was a little sore for the next couple days then busy so got out again today the 11th.

Today was our famous yearly sub division garage sale so I ran and stopped to hit the garage sales on the way. Kill 2 birds with one stone.. It was kind of fun... Got my 4.25 miles in but with many stops along the way... my kind of running!!