Friday, June 20, 2008

The hoyt's

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back in the saddle again...

Well I decided to try running this morning fter 2 weeks of nothing. I may have jumped the gun a little to soon.. It was kinda painful the whole way. The first couple miles it was pretty bad. I was kinda doing a limp run i'm sure I looked funny the way I was running. After a couple miles into running it loosened up some but it still hurt a bit. It feels as though the shin splint has spread throughout the whole bottom part of my leg. It kinda hurts all over.. I had to stop a couple times and walk for about a half of a block to let my knee and leg rest.. After walking a couple mins my knee would feel better but not the leg. I managed to get in 4.34 miles walking about 1-1 1/2 miles of it so not to bad. I came home and decided to hop on my bike and me and my dad decided to go hit some trails. I think we ended up going about 9-10 miles. My legs were burning but it was a good ride. And it didnt hurt my leg or knee to much to do it. I think i will just bike tomorrow and maybe try running again sat and just try going only 3-4 miles again.. maybe I can slowly get back into it until my knee and leg feel better.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Well I still have not been running. My leg is still not better. The doctor told me it was a deep inner shin splint in other technical medical terminology. And that it will just take time to heal and said by mid July i should be good. I was thinking are you serious I am not waiting until July to start running again.. I definently hope it wont take that long to heal.. I can feel its doing a little better but sometimes after doing my physical thereapy or stretching it gets more aggravated. so I dont know... Its very frstrating... I want to be out running already. I have been trying to do my bike this past week and now that my parents will be here for the next 3 weeks I will probably be doing more bike riding.. My dad is a big bicycler. But I am really hoping to be running along instead hopefully by the end of this week.. I just dont want to do it then end up right back where i started with it.. Its just so hard once you start doing something like this then have to stop for a while. Your body just feels like it needs to be out there doing it.. Kinda strange to explain but you would just have to be a runner to understand.

So anyways Im really hoping it is feeling better by the end of this week. We will see I guess... I doubt I will be doing the half marathon in august now since I have had this injury. It just wont give me enough time to train so I will have to try again next year. Maybe there will be a 10K sometime in the fall that I can find and do.. I would like to go back to utah and hit the SLC and Ogden races. We will see.!!!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Got a late start today.. I was trying to upload the treadmill trainer program to my ipod and was having technical difficulties so I ended up just having to finally get up and leave or else I would have had no time to run. So I got a real late start today.. I did a real easy run today. I averaged about 9-10 min miles. I was able to run the whole time which was good. However this new pain in my lower leg that runs along the inner side of my shin bone is so sore and the more i run on it the more it seems to get irritated no matter how well I tried to stretch it. When I started out this morning it felt like I was running with a block in my leg. I could feel its tightness on the side and after about a mile or two I was able to finally stop running with a limp. I must have looked kinda retarded..i was hoping running would maybe loosen it up but I think it just did more damage. However after all the squats and lunges yesterday I was pretty sore this morning in those areas but I think the running really helped with those areas. Anyways I think I am going to forgo the long run tomorrow and give it a few days to recoop and maybe the P.T can reccomend something tomorrow. I hate having injuries that put you out of commission like this. But right now it hurts to walk on it.. Plus my knees started really aching after the run today so maybe its best I rest for a few days...

Anyways I managed to get in 5.44 total miles in 55 min and 45 secs

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Race Time In

So they finally posted the times for the 5K i ran last saturday. My time was 24:47 I was 14th place in all the women and 28th place over all. There were 195 total runners. But only 7 female runners in my age category. So I guess 1st place out of 7 is not too bad. Plus 28th place overall out of 195 is pretty good. I was surprised that only 7 of my age category raced. Thats not many...Owell

I didnt run yesterday due to it raining plus for the last couple days my lower leg on the side has been hurting. I talked to the P.T. and he said it could be a number of things a muscle or the sheathe around the muscles and to keep stretching. I wasnt going to go today either we had a downpour last night and things were still really wet and overcasted plus my leg still hurting so I just threw some sweats on but after walking my kids to bus stop this morning I decided why not so threw some shorts on and got logan off and came home and stretched real good and left. I got a little later start but made really good time today. I was still kinda tired today so I ended up walking a little more today but still made awesome time. I got in 3 intervals of 3:1 ratios then pooped out so had to walk a few mins then started running slow for a bit did another interval walked a min or two then just did a easy run most of the rest of the way with just little increases here and there. even with the little walking I had time left over after completing my normal route so i went a little further and went around my block. I had to walk half of it due to my knee starting to hurt but did pretty good.. I then came home and did a bunch of strength exercises with weights, some lunges and squats and my knees did alot better then I thought they would. So now my arms and legs are pretty jiggly and shaky. I will probably feel the soreness tomorrow. After all that I'm feeling that sorenedd in my lower leg alot more. It really hurts after I'v been sitting a while and I get up and go to take my first couple of steps. It's kind of to the inner side of my leg in between the shin bone and the calf and it feels deep inside.. Anyone know what it might be?? I kinda thought maybe it had something to do with my foot arch because it was a little sore last night as my calf a little so who knows maybe its all connected together.
Anyways I will do just an easy steady pace tomorrow and see how I feel.. Im thinking of doing this treadmill training program and wondering if I can do it outside.. Guess I'll find out... Man all the rain last night brought all the critters of newjersey out I never saw so many diffrent animals. I felt like snow white in the forrest. To hear more check out my other blog..

Total miles 7.12 Miles in 72 min walked about 1.8 of it.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I didnt get yesterdays run blogged so wanted to take a sec and catch up.. I walked my mile for warm up. Did my route. I ran a real easy steady pace today which I thought was just a good average run but it ended up being alot slower then I thought. My miles were coming in at anywheres between 9-10 min miles. So as I started thinking about it, It is no wonder I felt like I couldnt increase my speed on Sat during the 5k.. It was because I was already running at 90% of my max at this point.. Thats how I was able to get 8 min miles... It must have been all the adrenalin and the trying to keep up with the other runners that pushed me to go faster. So what felt like going slow to me was actually my faster running.. Its hard when your with other runners verses being by yourself. Its hard to judge how fast you are really running. I am glad to have had the adrenalin and the feeling of trying to keep up because that pushed me to run harder i guess but I also wish or wonder how I would have done had I started out a little slower which is my normal pace for me as a warm up so to say then picked it up. Would I have been able to get a faster time in and not felt so exhausted? hmmm Well I got my book finally on running so hopefully I will find my awnsers to alot of my questions.

Anyways I was able to run most of my route today other then my warm up mile so that was good. Its good to see the change on how I have progressed from a month or so ago when I couldnt even run a mile without hurting and having to stop and walk. So I am glad Im this far and hope to continually get even better. I'm looking onto some mp3 training programs for the treadmill. Training for a half marathon. Think I will give it a try and see how it goes. I guess you just download it off the computer onto your ipod and there you go jump on the treadmill and do what it says to do.. Sounds pretty easy.

My last mile I was starting to hurt a little with the knees so I think it will kinda be like 2 steps forward 1 step back. I'll just have to kinda baby them a while and try to listen to my body and hope to keep progressing. Im amazed i have come this far with them.. A month ago I didnt think I would be running at all.. So I took today off and rested and I plan to go out tomorrow.

Total miles 6.42 in 67 min