Friday, June 6, 2008


Got a late start today.. I was trying to upload the treadmill trainer program to my ipod and was having technical difficulties so I ended up just having to finally get up and leave or else I would have had no time to run. So I got a real late start today.. I did a real easy run today. I averaged about 9-10 min miles. I was able to run the whole time which was good. However this new pain in my lower leg that runs along the inner side of my shin bone is so sore and the more i run on it the more it seems to get irritated no matter how well I tried to stretch it. When I started out this morning it felt like I was running with a block in my leg. I could feel its tightness on the side and after about a mile or two I was able to finally stop running with a limp. I must have looked kinda retarded..i was hoping running would maybe loosen it up but I think it just did more damage. However after all the squats and lunges yesterday I was pretty sore this morning in those areas but I think the running really helped with those areas. Anyways I think I am going to forgo the long run tomorrow and give it a few days to recoop and maybe the P.T can reccomend something tomorrow. I hate having injuries that put you out of commission like this. But right now it hurts to walk on it.. Plus my knees started really aching after the run today so maybe its best I rest for a few days...

Anyways I managed to get in 5.44 total miles in 55 min and 45 secs


Jodi said...

You are doing so well! And 28th place overall? Wow! You are a natural! Think of how fast you will be in another year!!! You continually amaze me girl!!!

Jen said...

Good idea to take it easy. You don't want to be sidelined from running all together! Good luck!