Thursday, June 5, 2008

Race Time In

So they finally posted the times for the 5K i ran last saturday. My time was 24:47 I was 14th place in all the women and 28th place over all. There were 195 total runners. But only 7 female runners in my age category. So I guess 1st place out of 7 is not too bad. Plus 28th place overall out of 195 is pretty good. I was surprised that only 7 of my age category raced. Thats not many...Owell

I didnt run yesterday due to it raining plus for the last couple days my lower leg on the side has been hurting. I talked to the P.T. and he said it could be a number of things a muscle or the sheathe around the muscles and to keep stretching. I wasnt going to go today either we had a downpour last night and things were still really wet and overcasted plus my leg still hurting so I just threw some sweats on but after walking my kids to bus stop this morning I decided why not so threw some shorts on and got logan off and came home and stretched real good and left. I got a little later start but made really good time today. I was still kinda tired today so I ended up walking a little more today but still made awesome time. I got in 3 intervals of 3:1 ratios then pooped out so had to walk a few mins then started running slow for a bit did another interval walked a min or two then just did a easy run most of the rest of the way with just little increases here and there. even with the little walking I had time left over after completing my normal route so i went a little further and went around my block. I had to walk half of it due to my knee starting to hurt but did pretty good.. I then came home and did a bunch of strength exercises with weights, some lunges and squats and my knees did alot better then I thought they would. So now my arms and legs are pretty jiggly and shaky. I will probably feel the soreness tomorrow. After all that I'm feeling that sorenedd in my lower leg alot more. It really hurts after I'v been sitting a while and I get up and go to take my first couple of steps. It's kind of to the inner side of my leg in between the shin bone and the calf and it feels deep inside.. Anyone know what it might be?? I kinda thought maybe it had something to do with my foot arch because it was a little sore last night as my calf a little so who knows maybe its all connected together.
Anyways I will do just an easy steady pace tomorrow and see how I feel.. Im thinking of doing this treadmill training program and wondering if I can do it outside.. Guess I'll find out... Man all the rain last night brought all the critters of newjersey out I never saw so many diffrent animals. I felt like snow white in the forrest. To hear more check out my other blog..

Total miles 7.12 Miles in 72 min walked about 1.8 of it.


Jen said...

Wow! Good job on the intervals! You'll come to love that workout! Wish knew what your pain was, but I don't. I still think you're so awesome for your race. You really are a natural and I can't wait to see what you do next!