Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Changing My Name

Well I guess it's official I will have to change my running blog to a Walking blog or a Biking blog... The Doctor said no more running.. I figured he would but i was still praying for a different outcome. He said my knee caps were not tilted and I had no damage to them and that I probably just inflamed them up a bit when I started running and they just needed some time to heal. So he wants me to go back to doing some physical therapy and take some anti inflammatorys. He said I could bike and do an elliptical machine but no running unless I'm playing a sport, but only then. He didnt say anything about speed walking though and I forgot to ask. I will have to ask the physical therapist in 2 weeks when I go in. I would think that I could probably get away with speed walking as long as it doesn't hurt. So that is going to be my plan. I will just speed walk every day. Not as exciting and fullfilling as the running was but it will have to do.....

Thanks to all those who gave me support and encouragement on my running. It was really exciting to start something new and find out I could do it. Maybe in my next life eh? Owell hopefully they will be feeling good tomorrow and I'll get my route in... I think the hardest will be out there walking and trying to fight the urge to want to pick up and run. exspecially when I am not having any pains in my knees and I am feeling good and think that I can do it... I tend to stray at times and do opposite of what I am told. hahaha Hopefully I wil stay smart and resist temptation. LOL

Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday's Run

Just wanted to get on here and jot down Saturdays run before i forgot about it. I didnt have much time to get my run in due to activites scheduled all day. But I did manage to get almost half my route in running about 2/3rds to 3/4 of the way with out much discomfort. Towards the end knee started aching so i stopped and walked but did alot better then I thought. I didnt get anything in today. Just to busy of a day and it has been raining all day long and I didnt feel like running soaking wet. Tomorrow I go have my knees checked out so we I will see what they say and hopefully they will have some good news that I can continue to run. Not likely but I will keep my fingers crossed.

Totals Sat 3 miles in 51 minutes +2
Not sure I want to keep track of the weight thing anymore. LOL to depressing. Over weekend didnt stick with diet to well gained back 2 lbs.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Energy

I think my not going to bed before midnight the last 3 nights have caught up with me today and is taking it's toll on me. I started out walking about 2/3 a mile then decided to see if I could run today. I made it about .66 of a mile then decided to stop. I didnt want to push things to much. Today the knee's are aching a bit. I didnt wear a brace on my left knee and it was hurting a little so I didnt want to make things worse. I should have put a brace on it.. I did about half my route and decided I had had it. No stamina today!! It was 69 degrees when i had left and when I got back it was 72 already. and with the humidity here it feels alot hotter but it wasnt to bad. I decided to ride my bike the rest of my route give my knees a little rest. They felt pretty good pedaling.. Was short on time today so didnt get in as much as I had wanted but all in all not to bad a day.

miles (W) 3.27, (R) .66 Bike 3.96 Total 7.23 miles 71 minutes
weight- no change

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It's a start

Well after my big run on thursday and the havock I did on my knees i am slowly getting back into the game. I took the week off hoping to recover from my last run and let my knees calm down. After about 4 days the swelling in my right knee the one i had surgery on twice finally went down but my left knee has continued to hurt. Im getting a little worried because its doing all the stuff my right one did before i had to have surgery on it. Everyday i get up and hope to have no pain with walking but it hasn't been the case. But today was better. I decided to give them a little test run today and attempted to see if I could fast walk the dog for a mile today with no pain. I stretched real good and left. I was able to do the whole mile with no pain. I felt the right knee just a little kinda like it was not a perfect 100% knee but not to bad either. So I decided to drop the dog off and go do my route just speed walking and see if they would hold up. My only problem was I had drank 33 oz of water before my walk so I knew it was not going to be good. I ended up having to cut my route down so I could swing by the house to go. And with having to walk it cuts down my distance i can get in the time I have. The last oh 8 houses to go I decided to just slightly run just to see and about 2 houses in my knee started hurting so i stopped walked a few seconds then started to run again and was able to finish the rest of the way with no pain.... I figured it's a start and it was alot better then I thought I was going to do. I would rather have been running but hey I could at least speed walk with no pain so It's a start.. Maybe I can work my self up again. I am not going to give up just yet until I talk to the doctor and see what he says.

Over the weekend I didnt stick so great with the diet so i gained back a couple pounds but then lost them once i got going again and have now lost 2 more. So yeah I am excited for that. Its finally starting to come off I hope...

Totals 5.26 Miles in 77 min
-2 lbs

Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok so i woke up a bit sore in my legs this morning after yesterdays awesome run.. but really not as bad as I thought i would.. My knee is still swollen and hurting. It was so hard driving logan to school this morning and seeing the beautiful weather and my run route and thinking I should be out here running. I want to so bad. Even if I could I think today would have been a rest day for my body anyways. It's funny how the running has become like an addiction. I actually crave it. I would have never thought I would crave to run. What a bummer I just cant seem to get excited about riding a bike. hmmmmmmmmmm

Well on a good note.. I Pigged out last night on my yummy apple pie. I had a big bowl with 2 scoops of icecream and it was so good. I was hoping it would see me through today of not being able to eat or drink anything. Isn't it funny when you can eat but dont for some reason your fine you dont feel or think anything about it but when you know you cant then its like you feel like your starving and its horrible.. Kinda funny... Anyways after eating that last night and with it being at 9:30 at night i thought for sure i would see the results on the scale this morning. But yeah for me my weight had not changed. So I was excited.

Anyways thats about all for today folks. Wish I was blogging more on a great run instead.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazing But Dumb (7.30 miles)

Today started on such a great note. I stepped on the scale this morning and i was down a pound when i expected to be up after what I ate yesterday. We had a good friend from utah who used to be my hubbys counter partner in utah He was out here doing some training and came over last night for dessert. First of all i had a turkey patty for my protein but I needed a carb and I was fixing my family french toast so I ended up having 2 french toast for my carb and no veggies. Then at 9:00 at night i have a small bowl of cinnamon apple craizen crumble with a scoop of vanilla icecream Yummy!!! I tried to be conservative and i did well but i was sure i would be higher today but to my wonderful surprise I was down a pound YEAH!!

Then to add to the excitement I had mapped out a new course last night on map my run and was excited to give it a try. It was going to be 7.14 miles and i was nervous because that was adding a whole mile and a bit to my normal run and it was alot longer with no short cuts by the house in case I needed a bathroom plus I didnt think my knee would handle it, and I only have about 1hour and 35 min to get all my excercising done before I have to pick logan up from school. So I knew i was going to have to run more of it then walk to get the further distance in. I had a protein shake with some oatmeal for breakfast thinking it was so liquidy as having just water and then i had only about 6-8 oz of water before my run hoping that i would make it back before I had to go. I got a little later start in then I wanted but figured i could still do it if I hurried. I left at 9:20 walked a couple min then began my run. My knee started in about 1 mile into it and i got a little worried but i pushed through the pain and kept running. I stopped only a couple times through the route walking for a min or two. I had to change up the end because I realized I still needed to run my dog and i didnt want to complete the route go get logan then have to come back after 10-15 min then try and run again to get my last mile or two in so I was able to grab the dog walked all of about 2 min before he did his thing and ran the rest of the mile pretty fast to make it back in time...
About the last mile or so i really struggled i was getting pooped and my knee was really talking. At times through the route I tried slowing down my pace thinking it would help, but I felt I was already going slow and couldnt go much slower and still be running. I really tried focusing my pain somewhere else and I think because I was hurting in my knee it made me compensate running a weird way because i kept getting a pain in my hip or backside cheeck area on the same leg and I didnt have any pain anywhere else. But i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My body isnt even sore tonight at all except for my knee which is twice its size. I really should have walked more and ran less but i really really wanted to do this. Once i stopped and streched and cooled down all of a sudden i couldn't even bare weight on my knee as long as i kept is straight as a board i could walk but if i bent my knee at all which you have to do to walk normally it was excruciating.

Now comes the really sad part of my day. I called my old physical thereapist to talk to him about my knee and what i should do and he said absolutely no running. Only biking after i give it a week to heal. I'v already had 2 surgerys and might have to have a 3rd now and down the road I may have to have the total knee replaced and he said that if that happens I will never be able to go do stuff with my kids like hiking or biking, outdoor stuff because it will be like a big boulder on my knee. And that I was way to young for this to be happening to me and that i should avoid going down any stairs that going up is fine but its really bad to go down them which my house is full of stairs. so needless to say I was really bummed out and i said are you sure i will never be able to run he said not unless I want my knee replaced. So i am really upset because i was really starting to enjoy being a runner and i think with the speed i have I could have done really well in a marathon which i was going to stive for in a few months. aaaaggggghhhh Im so mad. I am still going to see what the doctor has to say about it when i go in in a couple weeks but I have a feeling its not going to be good news. The therapist said at this point my muscle has shut down and is not working and it has to heal. DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I may have to change this blog to a biking blog.. LOL Owell it was really great while it lasted. Today other then my knee was the most amazing accomplishment day for me. physically i feel great, my body feels great otherwise and i want to do it again. This is going to be so hard after getting into this routine. waaaaaaaaaaa

Total miles 7.30 Miles in 77 minutes ( can you belive that) I finished with the dog at 10:37 Wow

weight - 1lbs woo hooo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I woke up this morning and the first thing across my mind was I couldnt wait to go running. I was already pumped. However as the morning went on and I got all my kids off to school I decided to go drive some diffrent routes to check mileage and by the time I got back and ready to go my spunk had worn off and i was no longer as energetic. I walked the first 1/4 of mile 1 to warm up then started running and immediatly the knee started hurting and i was like oh no not yet this early into the run. I was so bummed i was looking forward to running more and walking less today with as good as i felt yesterday but it was not the case today. I ran to about the mile 2 mark and started walking and it hurt just as bad to walk as it did to run if not worse.
I was so discouraged I thought great i am not going to make it today. I am going to have to walk. But I started running again after a min or two because i think it felt better to run then walk. I finishe the 4 miles with only walking every so often for only a min or two. Then i grabbed the dog walked a few min and was able to run most of the rest of the way pushing through the pain.
All in all it was a pretty discouraging day... I felt like I walked half of the distance. but on a good note after driving my route to check mileage and how much i had ran i ended up doing the same amounts as yesterday except this time when i drove it it measured less which i dont understand because i did the same route but just backwards and it only measured out to be 5.8 miles and yesterdays was 6 miles even.....
Go figure
Owell.... hoping for a better day tomorrow. I want to find a new route but there just isnt enough areas up here that are safe for runners against traffic so I I'm constantly going around the same blocks day after day. My neighbors are probably going hey didnt she just pass here a few minutes ago? LOL
I had to make Jodys Taco Ring last night and of course had to eat it. How can you not eat something that is so beautiful. Of course it was not part of my diet so unfortunatly there was no change in my weight progress but hey thats ok at least i didnt gain right??? Jody's recipe for this awesome dish can be found on her blog with a picture to go along with it. Just click on her underlined name.. Going to try the BarBCups next. Sounds yummy!! boy this is so not helping my diet...

Totals 5.8 miles in 71 minutes (walked 2, ran 3.8) Better time though!!
Weight No change

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Running Blog

Yay, I finally got my running/weightloss blog up.. I'm so excited.. It's only taken me all day. to check out my earlier running blogs go here.
Well I didn't run or walk over the weekend. I came down with the flu and had a horrible head cold, the body aches, you name it. So today i was feeling better but still took alot of convincing of myself to get out this morning and run. Among all my other problems with my body i have a bad lower back too and I think running last week jarred it somehow and i keep getting these lightning bolts of pain that shoots through my lower back so its been hard to walk around the past few days. I took a muscle relaxer last night and it nocked me out and left me groggy and sleepy this morning and it took all i had to get up and get kids ready for school and i thought that maybe if i went running the cool air and being outside would help clear my head and wake me up a bit hoping to rid my body of the effects. It started off pretty nippy this morning but about 2 miles into my run i was shedding the jacket and it was nice.. I was a little worried about the knee today and thought i may have to just plan on speed walking frome here on out but i was really wanting to run and wasnt going to give up on running so for a change i took the pooch out first and speed walked 1.4 miles, dropped the dog off, went potty and headed out. I was able to run most of the way with stopping a couple times to walk a few houses to rest the knee then start up again. And with doing this my knee did great. I elt it some and towards the end probably the last half mile it was getting sore but it did alot better today. I am hoping maybe i can just build up to the running the full time on it.. I made an appt to see an orthopedist in may so hopefully if i am carefull and baby it a little we will be ok. It felt so good to get back out and run today. physically other then the knee i felt great. I could have gone further if it wasnt for the knee.
One thing i did that wasnt so smart today is I drank 34 oz of water before leaving and i knew i wasnt going to make it very far before i was going to have to find a potty. Luckily my routes take me by my house so i can stop back if i have to. By the time i got the first 1.4 miles in with the dog I was needing to go. I was able to get my 4 mile route in before having to swing back in again, but i got back out and finished the rest of the route. I dont think I will do that again. I just felt so dehydrated this morning. Probably a side affect to the muscle relaxer.... I do really pretty good getting my 100 oz of water a day even a little more when I run.
After calculating my time and distance I figured when I run I average about 1 mile in 11 minutes. I dont know how that compares to experienced runners but i thought it was pretty good.
As far as my weightloss this weekend......... Not so hot. I did pretty good with sticking to my diet until sunday. i needed a carb for breakfast and instead of something good i had a bagel with cream cheese and I put a roast in for my family to have after stake confrence and I had to have some with a baked potatoe with butter and sour cream and cheese. So bad, but it tasted so good. Then of course I had some ice cream for dessert. So of course my weight went up a little but hopefully I'll get it back down. Like I said I usually bounce up and down alot depending on what i eat the day before.
All in all it was a great day and I cant complain to much. my goals- loose 21 pounds and run 7 miles by end of month

Total miles 6 (walked 2.2 and ran 3.8) Time 79 minutes
Weight loss + 1 ( I guess it should say weight gain today)