Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Running Blog

Yay, I finally got my running/weightloss blog up.. I'm so excited.. It's only taken me all day. to check out my earlier running blogs go here.
Well I didn't run or walk over the weekend. I came down with the flu and had a horrible head cold, the body aches, you name it. So today i was feeling better but still took alot of convincing of myself to get out this morning and run. Among all my other problems with my body i have a bad lower back too and I think running last week jarred it somehow and i keep getting these lightning bolts of pain that shoots through my lower back so its been hard to walk around the past few days. I took a muscle relaxer last night and it nocked me out and left me groggy and sleepy this morning and it took all i had to get up and get kids ready for school and i thought that maybe if i went running the cool air and being outside would help clear my head and wake me up a bit hoping to rid my body of the effects. It started off pretty nippy this morning but about 2 miles into my run i was shedding the jacket and it was nice.. I was a little worried about the knee today and thought i may have to just plan on speed walking frome here on out but i was really wanting to run and wasnt going to give up on running so for a change i took the pooch out first and speed walked 1.4 miles, dropped the dog off, went potty and headed out. I was able to run most of the way with stopping a couple times to walk a few houses to rest the knee then start up again. And with doing this my knee did great. I elt it some and towards the end probably the last half mile it was getting sore but it did alot better today. I am hoping maybe i can just build up to the running the full time on it.. I made an appt to see an orthopedist in may so hopefully if i am carefull and baby it a little we will be ok. It felt so good to get back out and run today. physically other then the knee i felt great. I could have gone further if it wasnt for the knee.
One thing i did that wasnt so smart today is I drank 34 oz of water before leaving and i knew i wasnt going to make it very far before i was going to have to find a potty. Luckily my routes take me by my house so i can stop back if i have to. By the time i got the first 1.4 miles in with the dog I was needing to go. I was able to get my 4 mile route in before having to swing back in again, but i got back out and finished the rest of the route. I dont think I will do that again. I just felt so dehydrated this morning. Probably a side affect to the muscle relaxer.... I do really pretty good getting my 100 oz of water a day even a little more when I run.
After calculating my time and distance I figured when I run I average about 1 mile in 11 minutes. I dont know how that compares to experienced runners but i thought it was pretty good.
As far as my weightloss this weekend......... Not so hot. I did pretty good with sticking to my diet until sunday. i needed a carb for breakfast and instead of something good i had a bagel with cream cheese and I put a roast in for my family to have after stake confrence and I had to have some with a baked potatoe with butter and sour cream and cheese. So bad, but it tasted so good. Then of course I had some ice cream for dessert. So of course my weight went up a little but hopefully I'll get it back down. Like I said I usually bounce up and down alot depending on what i eat the day before.
All in all it was a great day and I cant complain to much. my goals- loose 21 pounds and run 7 miles by end of month

Total miles 6 (walked 2.2 and ran 3.8) Time 79 minutes
Weight loss + 1 ( I guess it should say weight gain today)


nathalia said...

I really admire your running spirit! I can never go over 2 miles. But I have lots of friends who run and here are two sites that hopefully inspire and help:
1) you can calculate how far you run, even if you change courses... plus the website has lots of other interesting material
this 10-miler is right near where you live! the downside is that it's on a Sunday... but something inspirational that you might be able to do next year!

Doran & Jody said...

Good for you on your new blog and on your will. I admire you. Am I the only one having a hard time reading against your dark background?
I have learned to enjoy eating a baked potato with cottage cheese instead of butter and sour cream. Try it. It is deeelish!