Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I woke up this morning and the first thing across my mind was I couldnt wait to go running. I was already pumped. However as the morning went on and I got all my kids off to school I decided to go drive some diffrent routes to check mileage and by the time I got back and ready to go my spunk had worn off and i was no longer as energetic. I walked the first 1/4 of mile 1 to warm up then started running and immediatly the knee started hurting and i was like oh no not yet this early into the run. I was so bummed i was looking forward to running more and walking less today with as good as i felt yesterday but it was not the case today. I ran to about the mile 2 mark and started walking and it hurt just as bad to walk as it did to run if not worse.
I was so discouraged I thought great i am not going to make it today. I am going to have to walk. But I started running again after a min or two because i think it felt better to run then walk. I finishe the 4 miles with only walking every so often for only a min or two. Then i grabbed the dog walked a few min and was able to run most of the rest of the way pushing through the pain.
All in all it was a pretty discouraging day... I felt like I walked half of the distance. but on a good note after driving my route to check mileage and how much i had ran i ended up doing the same amounts as yesterday except this time when i drove it it measured less which i dont understand because i did the same route but just backwards and it only measured out to be 5.8 miles and yesterdays was 6 miles even.....
Go figure
Owell.... hoping for a better day tomorrow. I want to find a new route but there just isnt enough areas up here that are safe for runners against traffic so I I'm constantly going around the same blocks day after day. My neighbors are probably going hey didnt she just pass here a few minutes ago? LOL
I had to make Jodys Taco Ring last night and of course had to eat it. How can you not eat something that is so beautiful. Of course it was not part of my diet so unfortunatly there was no change in my weight progress but hey thats ok at least i didnt gain right??? Jody's recipe for this awesome dish can be found on her blog with a picture to go along with it. Just click on her underlined name.. Going to try the BarBCups next. Sounds yummy!! boy this is so not helping my diet...

Totals 5.8 miles in 71 minutes (walked 2, ran 3.8) Better time though!!
Weight No change


Jodi said...

Raigon I love this blog! It is great! I might have to steal some of your cool graphics!!!! This will be fun to help keep each other motivated! I haven't run ONCE since Sat!!! That is so not like me! I think I am still trying to recover!

As far as the running log sidebar...all I do is put in the day and the miles and then just click enter so it goes down a space...
Thurs - 3 miles
Fri - 4 miles

Like that. It will be easier to read. Hope that helps- let me know if I didn't explain it well enough!

I am just so proud of you and how amazing you have done! I was going to suggestyou get the book called : THe Complete Book of RUnning for Women by Claire Kowalchik. I got mine on Amazon but you can prob find it anywhere. Jen suggested it to me and it really HELPS! I still haven't finished it but it is worth buying if you are serious about this. I remember you asked the diff of calories burned with running vs walking. In the book she says walking at a brisk pace (3.4 mph) is 118 in 30 minutes and running at 9 minutes per mile burns 324. It is FULL of good stuff. You need to get it!!!

Glad your fam and you are feeling better.

Jodi said...

Don't EVER apologize for asking me questions! I love to help! I might forget so if I don't answer keep bugging me!

It looks like I did my Running Log in the TEXT or configure text thing...if you click on Add a Page Element it is there a little more at the top. Hope that helps!!!!

Jen said...

It's hard to keep running through the pain, but it's so hard to not run sometimes that it's a toss up as to which is worse! I really hope it gets better and the ortho you're going to go see will be able to help. Good luck! Oh, do you care if I add your running blog to mine?