Friday, April 18, 2008

Ok so i woke up a bit sore in my legs this morning after yesterdays awesome run.. but really not as bad as I thought i would.. My knee is still swollen and hurting. It was so hard driving logan to school this morning and seeing the beautiful weather and my run route and thinking I should be out here running. I want to so bad. Even if I could I think today would have been a rest day for my body anyways. It's funny how the running has become like an addiction. I actually crave it. I would have never thought I would crave to run. What a bummer I just cant seem to get excited about riding a bike. hmmmmmmmmmm

Well on a good note.. I Pigged out last night on my yummy apple pie. I had a big bowl with 2 scoops of icecream and it was so good. I was hoping it would see me through today of not being able to eat or drink anything. Isn't it funny when you can eat but dont for some reason your fine you dont feel or think anything about it but when you know you cant then its like you feel like your starving and its horrible.. Kinda funny... Anyways after eating that last night and with it being at 9:30 at night i thought for sure i would see the results on the scale this morning. But yeah for me my weight had not changed. So I was excited.

Anyways thats about all for today folks. Wish I was blogging more on a great run instead.