Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Energy

I think my not going to bed before midnight the last 3 nights have caught up with me today and is taking it's toll on me. I started out walking about 2/3 a mile then decided to see if I could run today. I made it about .66 of a mile then decided to stop. I didnt want to push things to much. Today the knee's are aching a bit. I didnt wear a brace on my left knee and it was hurting a little so I didnt want to make things worse. I should have put a brace on it.. I did about half my route and decided I had had it. No stamina today!! It was 69 degrees when i had left and when I got back it was 72 already. and with the humidity here it feels alot hotter but it wasnt to bad. I decided to ride my bike the rest of my route give my knees a little rest. They felt pretty good pedaling.. Was short on time today so didnt get in as much as I had wanted but all in all not to bad a day.

miles (W) 3.27, (R) .66 Bike 3.96 Total 7.23 miles 71 minutes
weight- no change


Jodi said...

You are doing great...
Keep listening to your body!

Jen said...

going to bed late always affects me! I just need my sleep! You're so good to not push it! You'll always pay for it in the end. And some days are just better than others!