Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeah with the kids having school off today I finally got an outside run in.. The weather was so perfect.. Nice and cool and it smelled good out side and the scenery was gorgeous.. The tree's out here are just starting to turn so it was really pretty. In a few more weeks it will be awesome the colors and all the tree's its like an autumn wonderland here.. I got some advice about running with straps for your knees and that they actually weaken the muscles in your knee so I have been running the last few times without them and have been doing fairly well. Today my knee started to ache the last 1/2 mile or so but nothing to bad.. It seemed that the faster I ran the more it hurt.. So as long as I kept a nice even pace it was good. I decided to sprinth the last half block or so and thats when I really felt it.

Today I proved my theory that there is definently something off with the calibrations in the treadmill or its just being outside. When I ran last and barely got my mile in at 10 min 20 secs and I felt like I was sprinting but today I went farther in less time so it proves I either run faster outside and just dont realize it because it honestly feels like I am running a slow pace or the calibrations are off on the treadmill. I was able to run 3.84 miles in 40 mins 45 secs. and that was with walking the first .6 miles and the last .4 miles. However I usually stop to stretch after mile 2 but today I didnt I just kept going so I know that shaved a couple mins off but I still think I was a couple mins faster overall.. I so wish I could get out more to do my running. The time went by so much faster then being on the treadmill. And so much COOLER!! I cant wait until November so I can start back up....

Friday, September 26, 2008


I have really been slacking lately.. I only ran once this week (Mon). I ran 3.4 miles in 43 min. It is just so hard to get on the treadmill and do it..I dont know what it is if the calibration is slightly off but outside I usually run my miles somewhere between 8 1/2 - 9 1/2 min. I felt like I was almost sprinting on the treadmill and finished my mile in 10 min 20 secs. I just couldnt believe it.. It felt like I was really running to get it done that fast. I swear the calibration has to be off..

Without having the breeze against me or the sceenery it is just so hard.. It makes a huge diffrence.. Since school has started I have been so busy lately with appt for this and that and with logan being home all day until she starts preschool in nov I just havnt had much time to get my running in.. And now is the perfect time for running out side.. The weather has cooled down alot and the leaves are starting to change and it is just beautiful... Im so bummed. By the time Nov comes and I can start running out side it will be cold and yucky.. Owell it better then the treadmill.

The last couple times I have run I was able to do it without any straps or braces on my knee so that was good. My leg problem has been up and down but seems to be ok as long as I keep my miles down. But with all this inactivity I really feel my body getting out of shape.. I really need to get back into some routine and start building back up to where I was...
Anyways Im hoping this next week is better and I can get a least 2-3 runs in and get back to my weight lifting...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Treadmill Run

I got on my treadmill today and got in 3.52 miles. I was even able to run without any straps or bands on my knee which was really nice.. I dont know if running on the treadmill makes a diffrence then running on the road but i had no pain in my knees today running without the straps.. My leg did well too.. It was still really hard to run on the treadmill and it seemed like it took forever so I am glad i am running shorter distances right now.. Also by keeping my miles low I was able to work on my speed today which felt really good. all in all a pretty good run..

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm melting

I finally got out today after almost 2 weeks of resting because of my leg.. I have had the same pain in my inner shin since my last run. the last 2 days it has felt alot better with only twinges here and there so I thought I would give it a try today and see how it felt.. Other then I got way to late a start and it was 80 degrees when I finished and so very humid making it feel like 90 degrees Other then that I felt really pretty good. No pain in my knees or my leg.. Thank goodness. I was really worried about my leg and having to go another 12 weeks of healing but I think the 1 3/4 week of rest really helped. I kept my mileage short I didnt want to press my luck and I plan to make sure I rest in between each run and keep my mileage down for a while.. I think I may have started increasing to gast again.. My book (The complete book of running for women) reccomended staying at the same mileage for 2 weeks then slowly increasing it by like a half-3/4 a mile after that and keeping it there for another 2-3 weeks alternating the lower mileage and the new increased mileage. So guess we will give it a try.. It's just so hard to have the patience to not run further exspecially when your feeling good and you have ran farther before. But if it helps keep me injury free its worth it.. I just hope that by tonight my leg will stiff be feeling good.. This coming week I will try and get back to my weight lifting. I had stopped that to just incase it was aggravating my leg too. So hopefully it will still be ok.
It felt really great to get out other then I was dripping everywhere it was so hot and humid. It felt like I was melting. ..It felt like it was forever since I had ran last and I am so thankful I was able to run without pain.. I was even abe to run the last 1/2 mile without my IT strap and my knee did really good.. I still had my lower knee strap on but eliminating one was nice.. I can tell they are aching a little now and I should probably go get some ice on them.. I just wanted to log my miles before I forgot.. I think I will also try foam rolling again today and see how it goes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Another One

Looks like I may be out for a while with the running.. On tuesdays run I could feel my leg hurting where I had the stress fracture or the deep inner shin splint what ever it was and I couldnt get it to loosen up much and by tues night I was in alot of pain again.. I cant believe it.. I have been trying to slowly increase my mileage sorta and I stretch real good during my runs and I have been doing so good that I cant believe its happening again.. My celebrex ran out so I was without it for a couple days and I dont know if that makes a diffrence but I tell ya I sure was in pain and aches tues night. It doesnt really hurt to walk on it yet so I am gonna rest it the rest of this week and depending on how it feels maybe try running again on monday and see what happens.... I so dont want to go through this again and have to take another 12 weeks to heal. When i was foam rolling I could feel some of the pain radiating from some of the spots in my calfs and some spots in my glutes.. Dont know if these spots are whats causing it but I will try and keep working them with the roller and see if it helps any. Arrrggh I am so frustrated and nervous.. I wish there was a way we could tell just what is is causing the pains and problems with our bodys and what we can do to fix it or avoid them... The only thing I can think that I did diffrent was I usually rest a day in between my runs and this week I ran both mon and tues so I dont know if that was too much or what. It shouldnt be but I dont know.. If anyone has any ideas or advise please feel free to share....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I didnt get my long run in on Sat. All I can say is it was pure laziness. Being the holiday weekend and all and staying up to late on Friday I just didnt get up early like I was planning so I ended up not going.. So i thought I better at least get out and do something today, however it was not a great run.. my body was just not in tune today with running.. My knees were sore today and I just felt like my muscles were not working together so I felt awkward running. I was getting in 9 min or more miles so I definently didnt have the speed today. I wonder if eating played a part in it.. I woke up early this morning we had a breakfast party we were going to so I had to get out early if I was going to get my run in today. So anyways I ate about 3/4 a bananna and left. I didnt feel too bad but my body just wasnt as strong feeling and as with it as I normally do so I wonder if it has to do with eating before my run.. I would love to hear how other runners do it if they eat first or if they run first.
I absolutely loved getting out that early in the morning though.. it was about 6:30 and the sun was just starting to come up so I got to see the sunrise sorta.. We dont have mountains here so you kinda get to watch it come up above the trees out here but it was beautiful and there were hardly any cars out so I was basically all alone out on the roads it was a great, peacefull feeling. It was pretty cool this morning I was almost wishing I had a jacket for the first 10 min while I was walking for my warm up but once I got running it was nice... I love those kinda runs when your not so dripping by the time you get done.. I think it was 68 when I got back so it must have been around 65 or so when I left. Perfect running weather I just wish I would have felt better.. I tried running a mile without the IT strap but it just made my knee feel worse so I ended up putting it back on.. I hope to get where I can run without any bands or straps on my knee. I think I need to try some baby powder to see if it will help keep the IT strap up on my leg better. Even my toes were sore today.. I am in the process of loosing the middle and pinky toenails again... There black right now and look disgusting. Owell at least I got out today.. I didnt get in as long as I was hoping but I will probably get more distance tomorrow. All in all not to bad of a day. I loved getting done early and having the whole day to get stuff done.. I will have to try and get more early runs in. Well scratch that my kids start school this week so I wont be able to do that unless I leave at 4:30 to get them in because I have to be here at 6:00 for my oldest to get ready for school. she has to be gone by 7:15 so I dont think I am going to go that early. And whats a real bummer is I used to when school was in I would go why logan was in preschool but she doesnt start school until Nov. So now I will have her home so I wont be able to go outside running at all unless I go at night otherwise I will have to start going on the treadmill until november.. Oh what a bummer.. I hate running on the treadmill. It just seems so much more tiresome and longer then running out side... hmmmmmm Guess I will have to see how evening running works.. Im usually so busy in the evenings running kids around that evenings might not work either. BLAHHHHHHH

Total miles 5.44 in 65 mins