Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yeah with the kids having school off today I finally got an outside run in.. The weather was so perfect.. Nice and cool and it smelled good out side and the scenery was gorgeous.. The tree's out here are just starting to turn so it was really pretty. In a few more weeks it will be awesome the colors and all the tree's its like an autumn wonderland here.. I got some advice about running with straps for your knees and that they actually weaken the muscles in your knee so I have been running the last few times without them and have been doing fairly well. Today my knee started to ache the last 1/2 mile or so but nothing to bad.. It seemed that the faster I ran the more it hurt.. So as long as I kept a nice even pace it was good. I decided to sprinth the last half block or so and thats when I really felt it.

Today I proved my theory that there is definently something off with the calibrations in the treadmill or its just being outside. When I ran last and barely got my mile in at 10 min 20 secs and I felt like I was sprinting but today I went farther in less time so it proves I either run faster outside and just dont realize it because it honestly feels like I am running a slow pace or the calibrations are off on the treadmill. I was able to run 3.84 miles in 40 mins 45 secs. and that was with walking the first .6 miles and the last .4 miles. However I usually stop to stretch after mile 2 but today I didnt I just kept going so I know that shaved a couple mins off but I still think I was a couple mins faster overall.. I so wish I could get out more to do my running. The time went by so much faster then being on the treadmill. And so much COOLER!! I cant wait until November so I can start back up....


Jen said...

I feel the same way about my treadmill. It's just so much easier to run outside. The cooler weather is so much nicer. Too bad I'm stuck with that stroller or early mornings, which defeats the purpose of the perfect temperature! Good luck

Tall Girl Running said...

I can never run as fast on the treadmill as I can outside. I think it has something to do with my natural stride being compromised on the mill, forcing my turnover to be not nearly as efficient. When it comes down to it, running on the treadmill is better than not running at all, but there's just nothing like running on the roads.

Hope you're still able to get out there!