Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Another One

Looks like I may be out for a while with the running.. On tuesdays run I could feel my leg hurting where I had the stress fracture or the deep inner shin splint what ever it was and I couldnt get it to loosen up much and by tues night I was in alot of pain again.. I cant believe it.. I have been trying to slowly increase my mileage sorta and I stretch real good during my runs and I have been doing so good that I cant believe its happening again.. My celebrex ran out so I was without it for a couple days and I dont know if that makes a diffrence but I tell ya I sure was in pain and aches tues night. It doesnt really hurt to walk on it yet so I am gonna rest it the rest of this week and depending on how it feels maybe try running again on monday and see what happens.... I so dont want to go through this again and have to take another 12 weeks to heal. When i was foam rolling I could feel some of the pain radiating from some of the spots in my calfs and some spots in my glutes.. Dont know if these spots are whats causing it but I will try and keep working them with the roller and see if it helps any. Arrrggh I am so frustrated and nervous.. I wish there was a way we could tell just what is is causing the pains and problems with our bodys and what we can do to fix it or avoid them... The only thing I can think that I did diffrent was I usually rest a day in between my runs and this week I ran both mon and tues so I dont know if that was too much or what. It shouldnt be but I dont know.. If anyone has any ideas or advise please feel free to share....


Jen said...

That really stinks! It's so hard to wait out an injury. Especially a bone one. That's SO long! At least you have your bike. Does that hurt it too? Isn't Celebrex such a great drug? I notice all my aches in my elbows and knees when I miss a few days. Good luck!