Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

I didnt get my long run in on Sat. All I can say is it was pure laziness. Being the holiday weekend and all and staying up to late on Friday I just didnt get up early like I was planning so I ended up not going.. So i thought I better at least get out and do something today, however it was not a great run.. my body was just not in tune today with running.. My knees were sore today and I just felt like my muscles were not working together so I felt awkward running. I was getting in 9 min or more miles so I definently didnt have the speed today. I wonder if eating played a part in it.. I woke up early this morning we had a breakfast party we were going to so I had to get out early if I was going to get my run in today. So anyways I ate about 3/4 a bananna and left. I didnt feel too bad but my body just wasnt as strong feeling and as with it as I normally do so I wonder if it has to do with eating before my run.. I would love to hear how other runners do it if they eat first or if they run first.
I absolutely loved getting out that early in the morning though.. it was about 6:30 and the sun was just starting to come up so I got to see the sunrise sorta.. We dont have mountains here so you kinda get to watch it come up above the trees out here but it was beautiful and there were hardly any cars out so I was basically all alone out on the roads it was a great, peacefull feeling. It was pretty cool this morning I was almost wishing I had a jacket for the first 10 min while I was walking for my warm up but once I got running it was nice... I love those kinda runs when your not so dripping by the time you get done.. I think it was 68 when I got back so it must have been around 65 or so when I left. Perfect running weather I just wish I would have felt better.. I tried running a mile without the IT strap but it just made my knee feel worse so I ended up putting it back on.. I hope to get where I can run without any bands or straps on my knee. I think I need to try some baby powder to see if it will help keep the IT strap up on my leg better. Even my toes were sore today.. I am in the process of loosing the middle and pinky toenails again... There black right now and look disgusting. Owell at least I got out today.. I didnt get in as long as I was hoping but I will probably get more distance tomorrow. All in all not to bad of a day. I loved getting done early and having the whole day to get stuff done.. I will have to try and get more early runs in. Well scratch that my kids start school this week so I wont be able to do that unless I leave at 4:30 to get them in because I have to be here at 6:00 for my oldest to get ready for school. she has to be gone by 7:15 so I dont think I am going to go that early. And whats a real bummer is I used to when school was in I would go why logan was in preschool but she doesnt start school until Nov. So now I will have her home so I wont be able to go outside running at all unless I go at night otherwise I will have to start going on the treadmill until november.. Oh what a bummer.. I hate running on the treadmill. It just seems so much more tiresome and longer then running out side... hmmmmmm Guess I will have to see how evening running works.. Im usually so busy in the evenings running kids around that evenings might not work either. BLAHHHHHHH

Total miles 5.44 in 65 mins


Jen said...

It's been a while since I've caught up on your running blog, sorry to hear about your roller pain. It really is not fun but I really think it helps. I plan on getting back on mine today. I really wish I would have talked to you too about the surgery so that I knew better what to expect. It really knocked me out! I bet you'll be really glad for fall to hit so it won't be quite so hot. And I know how you feel about the treadmill. I'll be back on that thing too and I'm not excited about it.