Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a recap on my last couple runs.. I cant remember if I ran more then just on monday or not.. If I did I forgot to log the miles but I did get out on Sat and it was so dang cold.. I had the hats and gloves and hoodie on with a long sleeve underneath and I thought I was going to freeze to death.. We had such a bitter cold wind on sat. It felt like I was running agaist it most the time. Thee were leaves blowing everywhere and my nose would run and I would have to cover my mouth and nose with my glove to breath every once in a while it was nasty.. I only did just the 3 mile route that day due to the cold and my leg pain. I aggrevated the area where I had my stress fracture and it just wont go away.. It's not bad enough to not try and keep running but painful enough that I feel mostly the whole run. I may have to go have an MRI done to see if they can see whats going on with it...

I did get out today and the weather was pretty good. Started out a little cold but once I got running I kept pretty warm. I even had to shed the jacket on my cool down walk home. Still had problems with my leg hurting and my knee aching a bit but other then that it was a really good run. My body really seems to be aching alot lately. The days I run I have leg and back aches by night time and my tail bone is really hurting tonight.. Even though I am stretching really good after my runs I still managed to pull my ITband up in my quad. Maybe that is why my knee is aching so bad. I am wondering if maybe I am out of alignment or something and need to go see a chiropractor.. Probably wouldnt hurt..
I was able to get in 4.25 miles today.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling Good!

I finally went back to P.T last night after 2 months of inactivity.. To my surprise I only had to drop down a half a pound on my leg extensions and curls due to some loss of muscles in my knee and legs but I stayed the same on everything else.. Plus I wasn't even sore this morning so I was quite happy. I had a pretty good run today. No knee pain and very little leg pain.. I decided not to stretch before my run today.. I have heard it many times not to stretch before a run but rather do a good pre run or walk warm up then do a really good stretch after your run. So I decided I would see how it worked.
I fast walked/jogged for the first .45 miles then did a few quick stretches then ran 3.05 miles then ended with another .43 miles of walking then did some good stretching and i was amazed at how good my legs felt.. I didnt have any pain in my leg that I thought I would due to how it was feeling before my run. I aggrevated it on mondays run and it was hurting a bit but today after my run it felt great.
I dont know if I can chalk it all to not stretching before my run but I will definently try it again and see how it goes..

Total distance today 3.92 Miles

Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Finally Free

Ok Ok I know I have been really bad lately with my running.. I knew I would be when school started and I had Logan at home with me until november when she would finally go back to preschool. I just cant stand running on the treadmill and my nights are to busy to try and get my runs in then so I have really been slacking.. My body has definently went to pot.. I have gained all my weight back that I had lost and I have lost all the muscle definition in my legs. I am so depressed.. But today Logan started back up in preschool.. YEAH!!!!! so now I can start running out side again.. I have 1 1/2 hrs of freedom all to myself every morning now to do all my exercising or whatever i want to do.. I am so excited. I am determined to get back into shape and get back into running like I was.. I still managed to get 1 run a week in at about 3-4 miles but I really want to get back up to doing 6-8 miles a day...I have had such a hard time with injurys since I took up running. If its not my knees it's my leg(stress fracture, or deep inner shin splint along the side that took almost 3 months to heal). So I worry about increasing to fast to quick and running into the same problems again.. Hopefully I will be a little smarter this time around. I really wish I had some kind of running partner/friend to do this with and keep me motivated. I am hoping to loose 10 pounds before christmas but it is so extremely difficult with the holidays here to not eat all the sweets.. It takes so much dicipline. AAARRGGHH

Anyways I did get out this morning and it felt so great.. It was about 46 degres when I left and sunny.. A little windy and nippy but after the first mile I finally started feeling the blood get back into my fingers.. I was a little worried because I have had some knee pain going up and down my stairs. I dont know if I have done something or if it is just from the inactivity lately. It did hurt today but it was tolerable.. hopefully it will get better... I did however have some chest pain today about a mile into my run and it kept hurting the whole time.. Nothing real serious but it made me a little uncomfortable... I never used to have any problems with running and my heart. I have recently went through a series of tests for my heart because I have had bouts of palpatations and they found out that my heart throws in several extra beats that it shouldnt but that it was fairly common and that everyones heart does it at times.. They put me on magnesium to see if that would calm things down a little and so far I think it has helped but now the last few times I have ran I have been getting some chest pains so I am not sure what to think about it..

Anyways I was able to get my run in before I had to pick up Logan and I felt great other then my chest. I am glad I got it in when I did because now it has turned off gray and overcast outside and has dropped a few degrees and the wind has picked up.. I was able to get in some upper body strengthining today and plan to get back into the P.T tomorrow to start getting back some muscle building in my legs.

It was crazy because of all the trees here the leaves are just everywhere. It was like running in a snow storm except instead of snowflakes it was leaves blowing and falling everywhere. I was afraid of opening my mouth for fear of sucking in leaves. The streets are just covered in them so I had to constantly dodge big piles of them but it was really beautiful I cant complain...

This is what my yard looks like right now.. Except they are in bright reds and orange.