Monday, November 24, 2008

Just a recap on my last couple runs.. I cant remember if I ran more then just on monday or not.. If I did I forgot to log the miles but I did get out on Sat and it was so dang cold.. I had the hats and gloves and hoodie on with a long sleeve underneath and I thought I was going to freeze to death.. We had such a bitter cold wind on sat. It felt like I was running agaist it most the time. Thee were leaves blowing everywhere and my nose would run and I would have to cover my mouth and nose with my glove to breath every once in a while it was nasty.. I only did just the 3 mile route that day due to the cold and my leg pain. I aggrevated the area where I had my stress fracture and it just wont go away.. It's not bad enough to not try and keep running but painful enough that I feel mostly the whole run. I may have to go have an MRI done to see if they can see whats going on with it...

I did get out today and the weather was pretty good. Started out a little cold but once I got running I kept pretty warm. I even had to shed the jacket on my cool down walk home. Still had problems with my leg hurting and my knee aching a bit but other then that it was a really good run. My body really seems to be aching alot lately. The days I run I have leg and back aches by night time and my tail bone is really hurting tonight.. Even though I am stretching really good after my runs I still managed to pull my ITband up in my quad. Maybe that is why my knee is aching so bad. I am wondering if maybe I am out of alignment or something and need to go see a chiropractor.. Probably wouldnt hurt..
I was able to get in 4.25 miles today.