Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Feeling Good!

I finally went back to P.T last night after 2 months of inactivity.. To my surprise I only had to drop down a half a pound on my leg extensions and curls due to some loss of muscles in my knee and legs but I stayed the same on everything else.. Plus I wasn't even sore this morning so I was quite happy. I had a pretty good run today. No knee pain and very little leg pain.. I decided not to stretch before my run today.. I have heard it many times not to stretch before a run but rather do a good pre run or walk warm up then do a really good stretch after your run. So I decided I would see how it worked.
I fast walked/jogged for the first .45 miles then did a few quick stretches then ran 3.05 miles then ended with another .43 miles of walking then did some good stretching and i was amazed at how good my legs felt.. I didnt have any pain in my leg that I thought I would due to how it was feeling before my run. I aggrevated it on mondays run and it was hurting a bit but today after my run it felt great.
I dont know if I can chalk it all to not stretching before my run but I will definently try it again and see how it goes..

Total distance today 3.92 Miles