Saturday, April 4, 2009

Falling Behind

Wow I really have been slacking lately.. But i do have an excuse with all my traveling lately and getting ready to move.. I have been having some activity but not as much as I would like.. I have also been neglecting to get on here and record my activity so here is a quick catch up..

The week of the 23rd I only got some biking in on friday.. My parents are up staying with us until we move and my dad just had knee surgery a month ago and he still could kick my butt on the bike.. It took everything I had to keep up with him.. Go DAD!!!!

Then we headed to michigan again and I got on the treadmill in the hotels gym on the 1st and ran 3.06 miles then went and swam some laps.. It felt great to put in a little more distance this time.. I was really looking forward to doing the Diana's run 5k in May but unfortunatly we wont be here for it so I will have to see what is going on out in Michigan for races.. Although I havnt really had the training this summer.

Owell hoping for a better week this week. I'm really looking forward to getting settled in to our new home in Michigan so I can get back into some kind of routine and hopefully get my body back in shape..