Monday, December 8, 2008

Just recapping my past week.. I have been able to increase my mileage slightly.. I am now up in the 4 mile area but still struggeling a little. My first run for the week I figured I would time myself for a 5k and see what I was doing it in. I just didnt have it that day.. I dont know if its the cold or just me but it took forever to feel like I was warmed up and I even hopped on my elliptical before heading out to give me a warm up. My legs just felt cold and stiff and I just couldnt run faster then what I was running. I got the 5k done in 26:45 2 minutes slower then my race time back in May when I ran the 5k. I was pretty dissapointed.. But it also makes a big diffrence I think when it is warmer outside and you have alot of adrenaline pumping and you have many runners around you.. It pushes you to run faster and push yourself to beat the other person ahead of you.. Owell..
Fridays run was ok other then my knee hurt the whole time.. Nothing to bad but nagging and sore.. It also took my leg 2 miles to finally warm up and not hurt.
Today now my leg is not good at all I dont think it was from the running but it seems when I bend down on it at times it pulls it somehow or aggravates it then its sore for like 2-3 days and it just kills to go up and down my stairs... I just dont understand what it wrong with it.. I am just going to have to go have the MRI done to see if we can figure it out... There's days when I dont have any problems at all so I dont pay much mind to it but then I somehow bend on it just right and pull it or something then Im huting for a few days.. I am wondering if I will ever be able to run pain free with no problems or injurys. I thinking I may never gt a half or full marathon in.. Maybe I just wasnt meant to be a runner and this is my bodys way of telling me I dont know!!!

Owell I am gonna give my leg another day or two and see how it does then try running again mid week and see how I do.....