Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm sick of hurting!!

Tried to get out and see how my leg was doing.. I could feel it was still sore this morning. I wasnt going to do anything but then I decided to go get on my elliptical. I got a good warm up on that for about .6 miles then decided to go run outside. It was really warm thismorning.. It was 63 when I left on my run.. I didnt get to far about a mile and it started raining so I shortened my run today which was good because my leg and knee was still not good. I just feel like I am running with stumps for legs. they are so not working together and feeling very good.. I just havnt felt very good with my running lately.. I feel more winded and tired and my legs wont cooperate.. Tis the season I guess.. Hope it improves... Owell I came in and finished up another .6 miles on the elliptical then rode my bike for a mile.. Its all I had time for today..
Total miles running 3.34 and 1 mile on bike