Monday, January 26, 2009

Here is to 2009

I know I have been suck a slacker lately.. Its been 6 weeks since I have done anything and I am feeling like such a fat outta shape couch potatoe.. I have done absolutely nothing these past 6 weeks other then eat and eat and eat some more.. This is what I hate most about the holidays... plus that it is so dang cold to go outside to run and I cant stand to run on the treadmill... I have had such a horrible time with my knees for the last month that I have really been worrying about my continued running.... I am going in to have MRI's done on both of them on Monday to see whats going on with them... I really want to get out and run because I feel so much better when I do but I dont know if I dare chance it with how my knee's have been.. I tried doing some stretching a couple days ago and couldnt believe how outta shape I had gotten.. I could barely get my legs past a 90 degree angle when lying on my back.. How pathetic is that.. I was really tight.. I figured maybe I would work on my stretching a little then give it a try and see how they handle.. I am going to have to put up with the treadmill to start out because its been so cold, but at least my miles will be low so it wont be too bad..

So I am hoping that with this new year my knees will improve and I can work my way back up and get some races under my belt. Well I would take just being able to run again pain and injury free.. Drop some pounds and tone up and feel good about myself again..Maybe start to recognize my old body again... Here is to 2009!!!!!