Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Run of 2009

Sorry for the double post today but I wanted to blog on my first run of the year....

Well I was going to wait a while to run due to some knee problems but I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and it was actually 10 degree's warmer then it has been for a while and I have really been itching to get out and run lately so I decided why not let's give it a try... I tried to stretch out some before heading out hoping it would help.. It was 28 degrees so much better then the 18 and 19 that it's been.. I was only planning on going a couple miles since it was my first time out in 6 weeks. I figured my lungs would probably give out on me any further then that but to my surprise I did quite well. I tried to do a good warm up fast walk to get the blood flowing.. It was quite cold starting out, but after the first mile I finally started warming up and feeling the blood flowing and was able to breath without my gloved hand over my face.. When I first started running I was thinking I was not going to make it far I was already breathing hard and feeling like I was gonna bring up a lung, but I soon was able to even out my breathing and it was pretty smooth sailing from there..

My knees had a little pain but nothing to drastic.. I had a band on my right one I dont know if it helped or not.. I have heard so much controversy on whether or not they really help or hinder but I thought I would wear it anyways, My chest started hurting about a mile into it but I remembered last time when I took a couple months off and then started back up that the first couple times running again I had some chest pain but then by the 3rd time out it was gone so I wasn't to worried.. I was able to run the whole time other then my warm up and cool down.. I really felt pretty good and I could have gone further and wanted to , but I thought I better not push my luck too far..

I ended up doing 3 miles and got back home and saw my poochy Lucky standing at the door thinking he was ready to go for a walk so I decided why not and walked about another 1/4 mile and ran the rest giving me another .9 of a mile giving me a total of 3.91 miles today.. Much further then I thought I would go but I felt really good and I hope it wasn't too much for just starting up again.. I could really feel my knee's when I started running again with the dog but once I got running I didnt feel it anymore so I dont know if that was a good thing or not.. I came home and Iced them so hopefully that will help.. They are a little sore now but not to bad and hopefully they wont get any worse as the day goes on..

So all in all it was a really great run minus the few nagging pains.. A great start to 2009.. Hope it stays that way... Here's to :


Michael said...

Hi, I like what you said about runner's high on the side bar. I blogged about it last summer when I was overcome with the high. Powerful stuff! Thanks for sharing. Great blog. Mike