Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I havn't been doing to good keeping up with this thing.. Of course there hasnt been much to blog about.. After the last blogged run I think I had over done it with mileage because my knees really ached horribly for 2 days.. I could hardly walk.. So I took a little time off. I had gotten my MRI's back and the Dr said they were ok. I had some cartlidge wear under the knee cap on one and some fluid in the other but that all I could do was P.T and rest and ice and maybe if I cant get them under control with decreasing my mileage for a while that I may have to stop running which I wasnt to happy hearing.. I was not really impressed with the DR. I had been doing therapy and it didnt seem to help all that much.. I was doing better in the summer but still not great. And it seems like lately they have been getting worse.. So I attempted to run again next week after a little break and kept my mileage low. I lost the sheet I tracked my mileage on but I think it was around 2 miles with 1 mile of it being fast walking and my knees did much better but still kinda hurt..

They are still not doing great so I have not been doing anything.. I may try and go out again tomorrow or thurs depending on weather to see how they react.. I think I will wait until I move in a couple months then get a second opinion on them.. I was so hoping to do a half marathon this summer but I just dont think I will ever get there.. I just dont want to give running up. It just makes me feel so much better and there isnt really anything that takes the place of it and gives you quite the same high as running does.. Of course with moving to another state my time will be very hectic so I dont know how much running I will get in..

So I'm a little bummed out with my running progress but hopefully it will get better..


Michael said...

You have a graphic on your sidebar that says "never give up" and I sense you really want to keep running. Have you tried brisk walking or running intervals (i.e. 1 minute slow run and 1 minute walk... or any variation there of)? I teach my students to run the distance of two light poles and walk one and they build from there. This seems to help. In life, as in running, as long as you're moving in a forward direction and manage to shake off the stumbles, you'll meet your goals and be successful. What's important is you feel good about yourself along the way. Good luck. Don't give up. M