Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thank Heavens For Drugs.

I finally made it out today..I was dressed to go yesterday morning thinking it would help motivate me but it was so cold yesterday and breezy that after standing out in it for 15 mins with the kids at the bus stop it quickly unmotivated me... I was going to get on the treadmill but came home and got on the computer and got lost into cyberspace and before I knew it the day was half over.. So I really have been slacking. Today was better.. Temp wise it was about the same but only a very slight breeze which make a big diffrence out here.. With the humidity and wind chill factor it felt like in the teens yesterday but it was really 25.. Today it was 25 degrees when i went out but much better.. Still a little cold for my liking but I really needed to get out and run.. My knees felt really great today... Just a little twinging in the right one.. I finally got the Dr. to give me a couple more prescriptions for some celebrex and it has made a world of diffrence in my knees..

I was planning on keeping my miles low but after I finished up 2 I decided since I was feeling pretty good I would go take my dog around the block for a cool down brisk walk.. It ended up being more of a run but as long as I felt good I figured it was ok.. Right towards the end I could feel the right one aching a bit so I went home and iced it and now feel pretty good. Hopefully if I can stay on the celebrex I may get back into this a little better..

All in all a pretty good day!! 3.03 Miles


Jen said...

Gotta love Celebrex! I'm glad you're knees are feeling better! There is nothing like pain to keep you from doing what you want. I'm impressed that you're able to do so much being so busy getting ready to move! You have a real talent for this so I'm sure that with time you'll be back in business.

Jen said...

A recovery run is just a run that is easy and isn't going to do further muscle damage. I run them at a pace that I could talk to someone.