Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Miles for 2008

I started running in March of 2008 and found I really loved it despite nagging pains from my knee due to 2 previous surgerys.. I decided to blog this so I could move it off from the side of my blog so I could start my running log for 2009 plus give me something to go back and refer or compare to.. As you can see there was quite a jump from first starting out to my next couple months I think that is why I got the stress fracture in my leg as you can tell that put me down significantly in June and July. There on out it has been kind of hit and miss with injurys and pains.. I hope to eventually get back to how I was running in May and get a few more races in this year. That might be a challenge because I have been having knee problems and will be having some MRI's done on them to see if another surgery is necesary. Hope not!! Plus we are expecting to move come June so that will screw up any races in this area so I will have to see what happens and where we go.. I may have to forget the races this year...I am shooting to do the Diana's Run again in May so at least there will be one race.. Unless I need surgery... that may put me out for a while.. Guess we will see what happens... I hope it turns out to be a good year and I can continue my love of running..

Running/Speed Walking/Weightloss Log
March 15th --------------------2 Miles
March 29th --------------------2 Miles
March 31st --------------------2 Miles
April 1st ------------------1 1/2 Miles
April 2nd ----------------------3 Miles
April 3rd ----------------------5 Miles
April 9th ----------------------5 Miles
April 10th --------------------6 Miles
April 11th --------------5.2 Miles +3
April 15th -----------------6 Miles +1
April 16th --------5.8 Miles N0 +/-
April 17th-------------7.30 Miles -1
April 23rd- --------------5.26Miles -2
April 24th-- ---------------7.23 Miles
April 26th-----------------3 miles +2
May 3rd----------------5.45 miles +1
May 5th----------------6.83 Miles +1
May 6th-------------------7.30 Miles
May 7th-----------------7.72 Miles -1
May 8th ----------------5.68 Miles
May 13th---------------5.93 Miles +2
May 15th---------------7.51Miles -2
May 16th----------(B)8.35 (R) 1.? -3
May 17th-------------10.25 Miles +1
May 19th-------------5.21 Miles +2
May 21st ---------------6.40 miles
may 23rd---------------6.40 miles +1
May 27th---------------3.82 Miles
May29th---------------5.92 Miles
May 31st 5K race----3.1 Miles 24:45
June 2---------------6.42 Miles +2
June 5th-------------7.12 Miles -1
June 6th -------------5.44 miles -1
June 17th-----------(B)9-10 Miles
June 19th---4.34 Miles B 9-10 Miles
July 1st---------------2-3 Miles
july 14th----------------3.59miles
July 15th-------------(B) 9.09 Miles
July17th----------------4.64 Miles
July 22nd---------------2.3 Miles
July 28th---------------4.50 Miles
July 29th-----------(B) 12.08 Miles
July 30th---------------4.33 Miles
Aug 7th-----------------5.58 Miles
Aug 8th------------------B 9.34 miles
Aug 9th--------------------6 Miles
Aug 12th-------------------5.9Miles
Aug 14---------------------5.92 Miles
Aug 16th-------------------6.78 miles
Aug 19th-------------------6.85Miles
Aug 20th-------------------5.17 Miles
Aug 22---------------------9.26 Miles
Aug 26th-------------------5.92 Miles
Aug 28th-------------------6.85 Miles
Sept 1st--------------------5.44 Miles
Sept 2nd--------------------6.41Miles
Sept 13th-------------------3.36 Miles
Sept 15th-------------------3.52 Miles
Sept 23rd-------------------3.4 Miles
Sept 30th-------------------3.84 Miles
Oct 14th--------------------4.55 Miles
Oct 16th--------------------3.83 Miles
Oct 18th--------------------5.93 miles
Nov 1st---------------------3.05miles
Nov 10th-------------------3.05 Miles
Nov 12th-------------------3.92 miles
Nov 17th-------------------3.78 Miles
Nov 22nd------------------3.05 miles
Nov 24th-------------------4.25Miles
Dec 3rd--------------------4.20Miles
Dec 5th--------------------4.25Miles
Dec 10th------3.34Miles (B) 1