Thursday, April 17, 2008

Amazing But Dumb (7.30 miles)

Today started on such a great note. I stepped on the scale this morning and i was down a pound when i expected to be up after what I ate yesterday. We had a good friend from utah who used to be my hubbys counter partner in utah He was out here doing some training and came over last night for dessert. First of all i had a turkey patty for my protein but I needed a carb and I was fixing my family french toast so I ended up having 2 french toast for my carb and no veggies. Then at 9:00 at night i have a small bowl of cinnamon apple craizen crumble with a scoop of vanilla icecream Yummy!!! I tried to be conservative and i did well but i was sure i would be higher today but to my wonderful surprise I was down a pound YEAH!!

Then to add to the excitement I had mapped out a new course last night on map my run and was excited to give it a try. It was going to be 7.14 miles and i was nervous because that was adding a whole mile and a bit to my normal run and it was alot longer with no short cuts by the house in case I needed a bathroom plus I didnt think my knee would handle it, and I only have about 1hour and 35 min to get all my excercising done before I have to pick logan up from school. So I knew i was going to have to run more of it then walk to get the further distance in. I had a protein shake with some oatmeal for breakfast thinking it was so liquidy as having just water and then i had only about 6-8 oz of water before my run hoping that i would make it back before I had to go. I got a little later start in then I wanted but figured i could still do it if I hurried. I left at 9:20 walked a couple min then began my run. My knee started in about 1 mile into it and i got a little worried but i pushed through the pain and kept running. I stopped only a couple times through the route walking for a min or two. I had to change up the end because I realized I still needed to run my dog and i didnt want to complete the route go get logan then have to come back after 10-15 min then try and run again to get my last mile or two in so I was able to grab the dog walked all of about 2 min before he did his thing and ran the rest of the mile pretty fast to make it back in time...
About the last mile or so i really struggled i was getting pooped and my knee was really talking. At times through the route I tried slowing down my pace thinking it would help, but I felt I was already going slow and couldnt go much slower and still be running. I really tried focusing my pain somewhere else and I think because I was hurting in my knee it made me compensate running a weird way because i kept getting a pain in my hip or backside cheeck area on the same leg and I didnt have any pain anywhere else. But i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My body isnt even sore tonight at all except for my knee which is twice its size. I really should have walked more and ran less but i really really wanted to do this. Once i stopped and streched and cooled down all of a sudden i couldn't even bare weight on my knee as long as i kept is straight as a board i could walk but if i bent my knee at all which you have to do to walk normally it was excruciating.

Now comes the really sad part of my day. I called my old physical thereapist to talk to him about my knee and what i should do and he said absolutely no running. Only biking after i give it a week to heal. I'v already had 2 surgerys and might have to have a 3rd now and down the road I may have to have the total knee replaced and he said that if that happens I will never be able to go do stuff with my kids like hiking or biking, outdoor stuff because it will be like a big boulder on my knee. And that I was way to young for this to be happening to me and that i should avoid going down any stairs that going up is fine but its really bad to go down them which my house is full of stairs. so needless to say I was really bummed out and i said are you sure i will never be able to run he said not unless I want my knee replaced. So i am really upset because i was really starting to enjoy being a runner and i think with the speed i have I could have done really well in a marathon which i was going to stive for in a few months. aaaaggggghhhh Im so mad. I am still going to see what the doctor has to say about it when i go in in a couple weeks but I have a feeling its not going to be good news. The therapist said at this point my muscle has shut down and is not working and it has to heal. DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I may have to change this blog to a biking blog.. LOL Owell it was really great while it lasted. Today other then my knee was the most amazing accomplishment day for me. physically i feel great, my body feels great otherwise and i want to do it again. This is going to be so hard after getting into this routine. waaaaaaaaaaa

Total miles 7.30 Miles in 77 minutes ( can you belive that) I finished with the dog at 10:37 Wow

weight - 1lbs woo hooo


Jodi said...

Holy Shamooly!!! I am blown away by your amazing running ability! And I feel so bad about your knee! Those DANG knees! That is not good. BUT just in case, I think you should get a second opinion. At least that way, no matter what, you will not always wonder..."if".
Hang in there! BUT DO LET IT HEAL!!!!!!

Jen said...

I feel so bad about your knee! It's definately not worth a knee replacement! At least you can still bike, but it will be good to see the other doctor! You never know, there's new stuff all the time. You're amazing to be able to run through the pain!

PerfectMomentProject said...

Ouch! I know it can get discouraging, but it really is as simple as one step at a time. Even if it doesn't feel like it.

I've gone through something similar and finally made a breakthrough.

Randy Pausch, who Daniel quoted in his comment, helped me get up the hill. ... even with TWO artificial knees. Good luck.

Take a look.