Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Changing My Name

Well I guess it's official I will have to change my running blog to a Walking blog or a Biking blog... The Doctor said no more running.. I figured he would but i was still praying for a different outcome. He said my knee caps were not tilted and I had no damage to them and that I probably just inflamed them up a bit when I started running and they just needed some time to heal. So he wants me to go back to doing some physical therapy and take some anti inflammatorys. He said I could bike and do an elliptical machine but no running unless I'm playing a sport, but only then. He didnt say anything about speed walking though and I forgot to ask. I will have to ask the physical therapist in 2 weeks when I go in. I would think that I could probably get away with speed walking as long as it doesn't hurt. So that is going to be my plan. I will just speed walk every day. Not as exciting and fullfilling as the running was but it will have to do.....

Thanks to all those who gave me support and encouragement on my running. It was really exciting to start something new and find out I could do it. Maybe in my next life eh? Owell hopefully they will be feeling good tomorrow and I'll get my route in... I think the hardest will be out there walking and trying to fight the urge to want to pick up and run. exspecially when I am not having any pains in my knees and I am feeling good and think that I can do it... I tend to stray at times and do opposite of what I am told. hahaha Hopefully I wil stay smart and resist temptation. LOL


Jen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your bad news. But at least you can still do things that will keep you active. Oh and did I tell you that there was this speed walker who was in Brigham that did the same half marathon I did and didn't come in too far after me? And I saw a couple of speed walkers at the Salt Lake Marathon. I'll try to find their name. They had t-shirts and everything. So don't give up on a marathon yet! I know how you feel about fighting those urges to do what we think we can do but others tell us we can't. Too bad I keep having to learn the hard way that I should just do what I'm told!