Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I didnt get yesterdays run blogged so wanted to take a sec and catch up.. I walked my mile for warm up. Did my route. I ran a real easy steady pace today which I thought was just a good average run but it ended up being alot slower then I thought. My miles were coming in at anywheres between 9-10 min miles. So as I started thinking about it, It is no wonder I felt like I couldnt increase my speed on Sat during the 5k.. It was because I was already running at 90% of my max at this point.. Thats how I was able to get 8 min miles... It must have been all the adrenalin and the trying to keep up with the other runners that pushed me to go faster. So what felt like going slow to me was actually my faster running.. Its hard when your with other runners verses being by yourself. Its hard to judge how fast you are really running. I am glad to have had the adrenalin and the feeling of trying to keep up because that pushed me to run harder i guess but I also wish or wonder how I would have done had I started out a little slower which is my normal pace for me as a warm up so to say then picked it up. Would I have been able to get a faster time in and not felt so exhausted? hmmm Well I got my book finally on running so hopefully I will find my awnsers to alot of my questions.

Anyways I was able to run most of my route today other then my warm up mile so that was good. Its good to see the change on how I have progressed from a month or so ago when I couldnt even run a mile without hurting and having to stop and walk. So I am glad Im this far and hope to continually get even better. I'm looking onto some mp3 training programs for the treadmill. Training for a half marathon. Think I will give it a try and see how it goes. I guess you just download it off the computer onto your ipod and there you go jump on the treadmill and do what it says to do.. Sounds pretty easy.

My last mile I was starting to hurt a little with the knees so I think it will kinda be like 2 steps forward 1 step back. I'll just have to kinda baby them a while and try to listen to my body and hope to keep progressing. Im amazed i have come this far with them.. A month ago I didnt think I would be running at all.. So I took today off and rested and I plan to go out tomorrow.

Total miles 6.42 in 67 min