Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Got My Groove On

Today was another great day!! I was surprised at how well I did. My knee held up so good today. I didnt even start getting sore until about the 6th mile but just some soreness no sharp pains or anything. I think with all the drugs Im on for my knee the celebrex and the glucosamine its making a huge diffrence.. Could I do as good without the meds??? I doubt it but hey do it while I can hu?? i think the walking in between my runs really help as well.. I dont know if anyone else has this prob but the first mile I speed walk and I swear my legs start to tighten and my shins start to hurt and I cant wait until I hit the mile marker so I can start running. It seams that as soon as I start running the pain goes away and everything loosens up.. Isn't that weird??

Today I saw a bunny along the way it was so cute and not at all afraid of me. we have a couple baby bunnys camping out in our flower garden in the yard. I also saw about 10 squirrles which is the norm around here. We are infested with the creatures in NJ. However we have a breed of squirrles out here that are black in color and they are kinda rare you dont see as many of them as you do the gray ones and i saw 2 today. We had one die in our yard last week. I think its leg was broken. Anyways it was fun to see all the little animals along the way. I increased my route a little today and was doing great on time. Tomorrow I am going to try and increase my distance just a little more if i can fit it in.. I just cant believe how well my knees felt today. I thought around mile 4 or 5 I would start to get the pain like usual but I didnt.. And now it's a little achy and i'm sure it has innflamation but still feels pretty dang good. I wonder how bad it would feel without the celebrex?

Anyways I really had my groove on today...

Total miles 7.72 in 89 minutes (R)4.26 (W)3.46 -1


Jen said...

I'm like you, I wonder how I would do without the drugs! (I do celebrex too!) But I don't think I'm going to find out! I also feel the same way about speed walking. I was not made to speed walk, or I just haven't given it a long enough chance, but I totally tighten up and it feels worse than running! I'm glad you're doing so well. You really cruise!