Monday, May 19, 2008

Speed Increase

Ok so today I thought I would work on what I think is what they call intervals.. Logan had no school today so today was a treadmill workout. There was no way I would attempt to try and run pushing a 4 yr old in our stroller plus it is pretty cold outside today.. But after the workout I almost wish I would have. It is so much dang harder to do it on the treadmill versus being outside.. The one bonus to doing it on the treadmill was I was able to watch my speed for this interval training wich made it nice.. But the downfall is Its so boring and you sweat so much more and I will swear that the distance does not match up with what the treadmill says verses mapping it outside.. I'll explain..

Today I started out speed walking for the first half mile wich the treadmill said took just past 10 minutes which is wrong cuz I know I can speed walk almost a mile outside somewhere between 12-13 mins. Then after walking that .53 miles I started a real easy slow run at about 4.6 in speed. I ran at this speed for about 2 miles then I started my intervals. Wich by the way I ran the complete time other then my walking warmup and walking cool down. Yeah!!! So I increased my speed to 5.6 and ran at this speed for 3 min then went back to my nice comfortable 4.6 speed run for 1 min then back up to my 5.6 speed for another 3 then 4.6 for 1 min. I did this 4 times then on my fith interval I kicked it in and decided to go for it and I tripled my speed and did 3 mins at 6.6 speed then back to my 4.6 where I stayed for the remainder of my run. I ran another mile and a half about and speed walked the last .3 miles. The last interval was hard but doable... They say dont increase to much that your gasping for air and turning it into an anaerobic workout so I was close but just under i think I really had to try to control my breathing but think I did well. So other then speed walking a total of .8 of a mile I ran the rest and I only got in 5.21 miles in 68 min.. Now I went back to the last time I got that distance and it was back in the middle of April and it was right after I really hurt my knee and I speed walked the whole entire time. in 70-75 min.. I ran practically the whole time in a faster speed no less in 68 min and got the same distance. Something does not add up here. So I'm guessing had I been outside and mapped it my distance would have been more like somewhere in the 6-7 mile range. Does anyone else have this problem???

Anyways It was a nice change to a normal run. Hopefully this will increase my speed a little. my knee did really well again. A little soreness along the bottom but not anything to bad that I couldnt run through. By the time I was running hard it was feeling pretty good. however I think It might have just very mild swelling because its hurting a little to have ice on it and the dr. said that when it hurts like that when you ice it its because it has some fluid in it that hardens when you ice it so it stiffens and hurts a little so I must have a little swelling but not bad. All in all a good day... I think tomorrow I will do a diffrent kind of interval training where i do 3 min of cardio which will be a light easy run on the treadmill 2 min of weight training and 1 min abs. Do about 7 reps of these anc call it good. Then do a easy run on weds with speed increases. Thurs Interval doing the 321 then easy run on fri with no speed intervals then long run on sat.. Rest on Sun as always.. So for you experienced runners does this sound like a good training week or do I need to change it up some???

Next week sometime I want to go time myself doing a 5k to see what kind of time I can get since I might do this 5k race on the 31st. What is a good average speed for a 5k???


Jen said...

Way to go, Raigon! Every time I do a speed workout it always takes me longer than if I was just to go run it. I think it's because of all the recovery time. But you just can't think of it in terms of miles and instead think of it in terms of minutes. And remember that when you go out and run, the calories stop burning when you're done running. When you interval train, they keep on burning for 24 hours.
As far as your schedule goes, just try not to have intervals or any hard workout two days in a row. Give yourself 3 hard days a week and at least 3 easy ones if not 2 easy ones and 2 rest days.
You're doing so awesome! Don't stress about the treadmill thing. I think mine is harder too, but what can you do?