Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Didn't Have It

Well Monday night I didnt get to bed until after 1 AM so yesterday I was just to tired to do anything for excercising. and lastnight not much a change, I went to bed about midnight and once again was wiped out this morning and everything was still wet from the rain through the night and it was gray and cold looking outside so I did not plan to do any running again today. But when I walked the kids down to the bus stop the weather started improving, the sun came out and it really wasn't that cold so i thought ok guess I'll go running so I hurried and threw some exercise clothes on and took logan to school and came back and stretched for 15 min and headed out.

I was a little worried because I had not eaten enough to really go exercising and I had not drank anything other then a few swigs before I left so I really didnt have the strength or energy to go running but I was gonna give it my best effort anyways.. I warmed up for the first mile speed walking then I decided I was going to run a 5k and time myself and see just how fast I could do it to give me an idea as to how I might do on the 31st. so I started out running my first mile at an easy slow pace wich ended up taking 9 mins then in the second mile i tried doing little intervals of running faster for 3 mins then going back to a light easy run but after 2-3 times of doing this I was finding myself getting tired quickly and it didnt really improve my time because it took 9 min again to complete the second mile so i just stayed at an even pace up until the last block then i stepped it up and ran harder to the finish. I ended up doing the 5k in 27 minutes. I dont know if that is a good time or average or below average but thats how I did... My knee felt great I was able to run the whole time.. However after that run I was pretty tired so I walked a bit and had a hard time trying to convince myself to start running again. I was ready to go home I just did not have the energy. I just didnt have it today!!!

However I forced myself to pick it back up and ran for about a mile then my knee started hurting so i felt like I really didnt want to start causing more probs with the knee after its been doing so good so I walked for a few minutes then ran the last almost half mile home. I was kinda bummed I had figured I had only went about 5-5 1/2 miles but when I got home I mapped it and it ended up being 6.40 Miles so not to bad after all. But I was pretty wiped out. Its amazing the diffrence you fell when you dont get enough sleep or have the right fuel in your body when doing something like this.. It makes all the diffrence. So all in all not to bad of a day..

I would like someone to let me know how my time on the 5k was as compared to the norm stats with runners.

Totals- 6.40 Miles in 71 min


Jen said...

That's an awesome time! And I bet you'd be even faster in a real race with the adrenaline. I can't do that fast! You're a born runner! Good job!

Jodi said...

Not sure what the stats are, but you are FAST! I can't believe how fast you have picked this up and how well you are doing! It's kinda depressing for me!!!! But also very inspiring. You really amaze me!!!! Keep it up girl!

The Hoyt's said...

Oh Jodi, You and Jen are the ones that got me excited about doing this. You two have inspired me and continue to do so..I just didnt know that i would be doing as goos as I have. It doesnt feel like its all that impressive to me and I feel like I am slow but thank you for the compliments. I wish we could run together...