Friday, May 16, 2008

Not as long as I thought

I couldnt log into my blog last night for some reason the blog website was having technical difficultys. It was a beautiful day Yesterday. Warmer then I thought because of the cloud cover. I was wishing I would of had a tank on instead of long sleeves. There was alot of humidity in the air. I guess it does that here before and after storms. I was making pretty good time yesterday so i thought toward the end i would change my route a little and what I thought was adding a bit more distance but after coming home and mapping it out it ended up not being that much longer.. I would have gone a little farther if i would have had the time but had to go get logan from school. So I ended up doing 7.51 in 86 min.
I met with the Physical Therapist for the first time last night and I guess alot of my knee problems has to do with my IT Band. He said I had really tight hamstrings and that i had 10% more to go to be able to straighten my knee totally straight from a sitting position. So not to bad but not good enough for a runner. So he gave me some stretches to be doing to get my hams to loosen up a bit. hopefully we will have my knee back into running shape pretty soon. Today because of all the rain i did my recumbant bike for 30 min and did about 8.35 miles on a harder intensity hoping it would help build up my muscles and then ran on the treadmill for 15 mins and did about 1.3 miles or maybe it was 1.03.. Cant remember.. I just remember it being so much harder and hotter to run on my treadmill then it is doing it outside. The time goes so much faster when your outside. Plus you dont get so hot... And i dont know if it was just me but on the treadmill it seemed to take longer to get a mile in then when i am outside. hmmmm
Anyways today was awesome. I woke up and weighed myself thinking i would be a pound or two higher because i had a brawt last night instead of my turkey or chicken and the fact that it was at 8:00 at night. But to my surprise I was down 3 pounds to what I weighed in at yesterday. WOOOOHOOOOO Now if I can just keep it up over the weekend. I finally broke my 3 pound cycle!!! I lost 6 pounds total this week from what I was on monday morning...YEAH And that was even with having some yummy double chocolate oreo icecream almost everyday. Finally!!!!!!!!
totals 7.51 Miles in 86 mins (R)5.32 (W)2.19 no change for thurs
Friday (B)8.35 (W)1.? 45 mins and -3 woo hoo


Jodi said...

Wow! You are just doing so well! Sorry I am posting these all so late, but I was a little consummed with the race and just trying to keep up with my own postings!

I was kinda frustrated I don't have a treadmill, but maybe after hearing how much longer it seems, I should just be grateful!

Keep it up! You are cruisin'!