Thursday, May 29, 2008

1 more day

Today my leg was a little bit better. I tried to stretch really good today and I could still feel the pain of the IT band. I got alot later start today then I wanted to so didnt get the distance I wanted but did ok with the time I had. I was able to run most of the time today.
I tried doing some interval work and at first I tried doing the running hard for 3 min then running easier for 1 min before starting again but by the 2nd lap I was finding it difficult to go the whole 3 min with only 1 min cool down so I had to increase the cool down to 2 min and the hard run for 2 min. By the 4th or fifth time I was able to increase it slightly. I only stopped to walk a couple mins today to give the knee a rest so other then the .75 of the first mile I walked for warm up I only walked .2 the rest of the time so total time walking was still under a mile so that was good.
By the time I was on my last block or so the knee started getting sore and I know it has to do with my sore IT band. I am getting nervous about what if it is still hurting on sat for the race and what if it hurts my knee.. Do I still run through it where its only a 5k or what? I think I would since this is my first race and i have no idea what i am doing and I already paid my registration fee.. I plan to rest tomorrow and do nothing but stretches hoping that it will loosen up and relax. I had an appt to go see P.T today but had to cancel because of other appnts so Im a little worried cuz I was hoping to go in there and have him work on it and make it loosen up but guess I will have to do it on my own. any suggestions on what to do or try?
Guess I am just anxious. My knee has been doing so good up until now and I started getting the pain along side of my knee that I hadnt had for a while so it just makes me a little nervous. I dont want to cause any more damage. Owell I will just hope for the best.. Todays run was so much better though. I could actually breath and it was alot cooler. Its amazing what the air, humidity and temps can do out here in just a day.

Total Miles 5.92 in 59 mins


Jodi said...

You are so dang fast! You will win a medal for sure if you keep up that pace. I don't know what to tell you about running in a 10 K after a 5K the week before , but knowing you, it wouldn't be a problem! Keep it up! You have a gift!