Saturday, May 17, 2008

A New Record!!

Today was the best day..... I had my own little victory!!!! wooo hoo I'm so excited. Today I went on my long run that I have been wanting to do.. My knee was a little sore due to the new stretches I have been doing for my IT band that has been causing all the problems with my knee. I wasnt sure I would be able to go to far but thought I would try anyways. For the first couple miles it was a little sore but nothing bad so I ran through it. I walked the first mile for a warm up then began to run. Just taking it easy and a good steady light pace. Around Mile 4 I had no pain at all for about a mile or so then a little achy but not too bad. So every time it started to hurt a little I stopped and speed walked for a few mins .54 miles here then .43 there and every time I started back running after giving it a few minutes of speed walking I would have no pain at all. I couldnt believe how much a diffrence doing those stretches helped my knee.

It did so great so I just kept running after I thought I had gone somewhere between 8-9 miles I thought I better head home and not push it where this was my first long run and not to over do my knee even though I was feeling great and could have probably kept going at least another mile or 2. But I decided to stop. My knee had no pain, no swelling. I stretched really good afterwards. I was so excited at how well I did. I was on cloud nine... The thing that hurt the worst were my under arms by my armpits. They ended up rubbing against my tank and got nasty red raw rashes. They hurt so bad. I looked like a retard trying to run with my elbows up at a 90 degree so they wouldnt rub. But the pain was bad so I didnt care but it was to hard to run like that very long...Sorry for the gross pictures of my armpits. But atleast I will remember them this way... I better get some baby oil on them or something until i find some body glide all the runners say to get..The pictures dont show their justice. They are redder then this. Didnt have good lighting.

I wanted to hurry and go map my run just to see how far I went.... get this........ drum roll please................... 10.25 miles in 1 hr and 53 min. Wow I am so proud of my self. At around mile 6 1/2 i checked my time to see what i thought i could run a 10k in and with the walking I had done I figured I could do it in 60 mins but that was with walking and running slow. If I pushed a little harder I could probably do better then that. A couple times one being the last half mile I tried running faster and harder. The first time around the ninth mile I could only do it for about 2 min before I got a little tired and winded but after a few min I tried it again on the last quarter to half mile even with a good wind against me I kept it up all the way to my house. It was great...

I think I could have done a half marathon today the way I was feeling. I might have not done well on speed but I think I could have done the distance. Once I start working on my speed now and doing intervals "hoping that i understand enough to do them right", hopefully I will start getting a little faster.

The best part of it all was my kids went with me today.. They rode their bikes. after mile 2 my son went back home but my oldest Allie who is 11 and my 6 yr old Jessica stayed with me the whole time. I couldnt believe my 6 yr old who just learned to ride her bike without training wheels a couple months ago rode 10.25 miles. wow I was so shocked.. I didnt want to take her because of that reason but she was a trooper. I'm so proud of them...

And now 7 hrs later I am still feeling great. no pain in my legs or knees. I feel them a little but still feel great. A little soreness in my feet. They ache like I walked around disneyland all day. And I have made my 3 toes go black again. I may end up loosing one after all. They are more black then they show in the picts. And my arms still hurting, but other then that I feel great. And to top it all off I fit back into my old shorts from last summer that was too tight. So I know I am finally starting to loose some inches with all this running... Yeah!!!!! The running today threw my diet way off. I had a late breakfast and decided to try and wait 2 hrs after eating to see if that changed anything with my running however with having to eat every 2-3 hrs with this diet I should have been eating again when I left so I threw my sched off a bit and we ordered pizza tonight so I had to have some. But hey after that run today I deserved it..... All in all a perfect day for me......... Wish I could have been in a real race or marathon.... Yhere is a 5k coming up in 2 weeks I'm thinking of doing...... We will see but I think I am more then ready I just worry about with it only being 3 .1 miles I worry about getting a good time in exspecially if my knee starts hurting and I have to speed walk for a little bit. Guess we will see how it does over the next week or so.

Total Miles 10.25 in 1 hr 53 min (R) 6.67 (W) 3.58 +1


Jodi said...

WAY TO GO!!!! You are SO blasted amazing! I can NOT believe how stinkin' fast you are and what endurance you have already! It's really not fair you know! Waa-waa!!!

Sorry about the arm pits! You need to get some Body Glide. Or another brand. I would order some on line since it was pretty hard for me to find! Where is the race!

Oh and so sorry I didn't get the name of the book to you...or did I? I can't rememeber! If not it is The Complete book of Running for Women by Claire Kowalchick!!!! The way you are going, you will be able to write your own book!

Jodi said...

Oh I forgot... we saw a sign on the marathon that said, "Toenails are overrated!" Thought you would like that one!

The Hoyt's said...

The race is in a town called plainsboro. It is in behalf of a young girl who lost her life. She did missions to help build houses for families livingf in inhumane areas of mexico. You can check it out at