Monday, May 5, 2008

Great Day

It was such a nice day today...I tried to stick with the speed walking 1 mile then running a mile and so forth.. Sometimes I cant quite go the whole mile of running because of my knee but then I make up for it somewhere else when I dont walk the whole mile. Most of the time today my knee did great just toward the end did it start to bother me. The last mile I couldnt run much but all in all I think it did pretty good. I think my knee brace causes more tension in my leg in other areas like my hip flexor and shin for some reason i feel it tense up as soon as i put the brace on and start walking but i know it helps with the knee pain. Maybe I will have to look into a new diffrent brace. I almost feel better with the leg and shin once I start running. I still ended up doing about half and half. I know its against all reccomendations but as long as it continues to do ok I dont see to much harm.

Of course being the weekend I didnt stick to diet to well and of course gained another pound but hopefully I'll loose it this week.

Total miles-6.83 (R) 3.78, (W)3.05 in 84 min

+1 lbs