Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Today was a great day. Got started a little later but not to bad. I was really gonna try to stick to the walk a mile run a mile and did it for the most part but i ended up running mile 2 and 3 and walking most of 4 instead. My knee was feeling good so i thought why not.. Come mile 5 it really started hurting again about 1/4 of the way into the mile and I kept saying oh come on I gotta finish this mile I can do it.. of course I should have stopped and walked but I didnt. But I walked mile 6 and the beginning of 7 then I ran the rest of the way and my knee felt great. It was really weird but by the time I hit mile 7 I was beggining to feel warmed up and like the blood was flowing and felt pretty good like I could have kept going however I was out of time and had to go pick up Logan from school. And I knew that if I would have my knee probably would have went kaput...My knee was a little sore afterwords and a bit swollen but ended up relaxing and felt good the rest of the day with very little pain. I can run up and down the stairs pain free... Yeah!!!!! I was quite surprised after going that far again.. It did much better this time around on my route then the last time I did the 7 mile course.. I think the walking almost half of it really helped.. I was making really good time. I was alot farther today with the same distance then I was yesterday. I felt like I was cruizin.. All in all a great day..

Total (R) 4.18, (W) 3.12 7.30 Miles in 84 minutes Almost a half mile more in the same amount of time as yesterday..
Weight- No change.. Of course it would help if i wasnt indulging in the chocolate oreo icecream we bought over the weekend.. Sooooo yummy


Jen said...

That is amazing you can do that amount of miles in the time. You are a cruiser! I'm so glad your knee is doing well!