Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting nervous

Well I have really been slacking over the weekend. I didnt get my long run in on saturday nor did I go out on monday with it being the holiday so I am way behind on my training. I did however get out yesterday for a quick little run. I thought i would go time myself again doing a 5k to see if I could improve my time any and see where I thought i could be for Saturdays race. I didnt get out until about 11:20 and it was so humid yesterday I thought I was going to die.. There was a storm coming in and the air was just thick. I warmed up with walking about .6 of a mile then started running. I felt like i couldnt breath because the air was so thick. I was tired after just starting. It was the hardest 3.1 miles I'v ever done. At times I really didnt think I would make the whole way running, but i just kept pushing.. I dont think I really tried to speed up much except for the last 100 ft or so I was to worried I would poop out it was just so hot.. I could feel the heat radiating from my face and my breathing was really hard. I did however manage to improve my time slightly. I did the 3.1 miles in 25 mins and 45 secs. So a little better. When I finished I was pretty gasping for breath and light headed. I chugged some powerade to try and help cool me down a bit. I think if this is how the weather is going to be like through the summer here I will have to convert to running on the treadmill at home or getting out really early in the mornings...

Saturday I went and finally got me some good shoes.. They felt pretty good on yesterdays run. I also got a couple knee bands and a IT band strap. Yesterday I thought I would forget the brace and just use the straps. Surprisingly my knees did really well. So hopefully from here on out i will just use the bands. I also finally got some body glide. Hopefully this will help with the toes and the ouchy underarm rashes. Also got a few packages of these gummy vitamin energy things to try on my long runs. They are called cliff shot bloks electrolyte chews. They are supposed to help with the energy without having any caffein. We will see if it works.

I went to physical therapy last night and did my stuff for the knees and we tried doing some hmm cant remember what they are called its the machine where you use both legs in a sitting position and push the weight up to a straight leg position not the leg press but the other one. Anyways it was the first time using that machine and today my it band running along the side of my right leg is so sore and feels bruised. I must have done something to it.. So today i didnt go out running. I think i will try heating it and stretch it out and see if i can loosen it up a bit then try running tomorrow. I'm not sure how much I should be running these next 2 days with the race being on Sat but i figured if I do some light small running like keep it around the 5 mile distant I should be ok.. I still have no clue to what I am doing come Sat. I have emailed the race people twice and no one will respond to me. I know where we are supposed to meet and I think we pick up a t shirt but thats all i know. So I am a little anxious and wish there was someone I knew that was doing this with me. There is also a 10k race in a week on the 7th I thought about doing but I dont know if its good to do another race so soon and how to do my running for that week . I also got wind that there is a marothon here in August that I am thinking of doing a half in so I will hopefully find out more details on that this weekend. Wow busy busy.. Anyways if anyone has advice please feel free to drop me a line. I could use all the help I can get...