Friday, May 30, 2008

Praying For Sunshine

So I heard on the radio this morning that tomorrow is supposed to be windy and thunderstorms and lightning for most of the day... aaaaggghhhhhh!!!! I so dont want to go run in a thunder storm with wind.. Dang.....Getting a decent time is going to be hard enough but then doing it in a storm... Just shoot me now..... They said they race would happen come rain or shine so looks like it will be a wet one... blahhhhh.. Ok so I am a little nervouse. Not bad. I think I was more nervous for my friends a few weeks ago when they were running a marathon lol... Owell it will be an experience. I will keep trying to do my sunshine dance and hopefully it will work... I wish I knew what to expect..

The race starts at 8:30 and i am supposed to get my kids to a primary activity at 10:00 then a baseball game at 12:00 and a birthday party at 2:00. what a crazy schedule..i know they are having some kind of after race party where they hand out the awards and medals so i guess I have got to go to that. I so wish I had someone going through this with me for my first time. Some kind of buddy support. Owell Guess I will learn.

Knees are kinda stiff and sore this morning Im hoping I can get it all worked out today. I am not sure what is the best thing to do other then stretch them out maybe put some heat on them, and hope for the best tomorrow.

Well stay tuned and i will report how tomorrow goes...

Thanks to all who is following my crazy running blog..