Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exciting News

I am so excited...Today i thought I was going in for some physical therapy on my knee but I guess I was following up with a diffrent doctor. I went to see a surgeon the first time and now i followed up with just a reg. M.D. in the Orthopedic dept. and he told me that I could still run and that there was no reason I couldnt do the same activity I was doing before other then if it hurt to do it not to do it until I work back up to it gradually and that there has been no literature out there that suggest running damages your knee. So as long as I dont do to much of it and work back up to it he doesnt see why I couldnt continue to run. He gave me a new brace to try so we will see how it works. I have to go to physical therapy to try and stimulate and build back up the muscle on my knee or leg that has gone kaput due to injuriung the knee but then i should be able to get back to where I can do it with little pain.. so yeah this is alot better news then thinking I would never be able to run although I was doing it anyways... LOL I know I'm bad... So now I have something to look forward to... I tried to search for a marathon in my area but they all seem to have been in may and cant find one for a little later so guess i will have to wait until next ear. But anyways I was real excited to hear that.. Its funny how several diffrent doctors can vary so much on their opinion on stuff like that.. I dont know who is right but as long as one tells me I can I am going for it.....

Today was a hard runnig day for me. I totally fell off the diet wagon this weekend and ate horribly so that was probably why I felt so yucky and didnt have much energy today. Plus I had to do a potty break inbetween the run and just didnt feel motivated enough to go back out in the little time I had left so I slacked today.. But all in all still not to bad.. I did develope 3 blood blisters under 3 of my toes. One of them was so sore I thought I wouldnt be able to run for a while. I started to look infected. Steve suggested I stick a needle under the nail to pop the blister and help relieve the pressure. I thought no way but eventually I did and it is getting better. Still pretty bruised and I almost lost the nail but I think i will live. So strange never went through anything like this before.. Any runners got any advise on how to help protect the toes???

total miles 5.93 (R) 4.02 (W) 1.91 69 min


Jen said...

I lost 4 toenails last year and I'm sure I'm going to lose 2 this year. However, I found that a wonder product called Body Glide spread all over my feet has really protected them. The two are from the marathon and I think the Body Glide just wore off. I got 2 black ones last year in training and two more during the marathon. Get some of that stuff and good luck! I'm so glad you got a better report from the doc! That's awesome! Maybe it's gets too hot and humid where you are to do a marathon later than May! Good luck with your running!

Jodi said...

Gosh I don't check this for a while (since I thought running was out!) and looky here! That is SO awesome! I am so glad because you are born to run. I can NOT believe how well you do as a total beginner! I have totally solved your problem with the to Utah and do it with us! That would be so great! Doesn't your Mom want a visit anyway???? THINK ABOUT IT!!!!