Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oh My Gosh Pain!!!!!!

So after my long run and crazy wokout on friday I took the weekend off to recover. Sat I was a little sore but nothing to crazy. I was just really wiped out.. Sunday I think I was a little more sore but the weird thing was is Monday morning I woke up and my back was hurting on one side and shooting pains down into my glute and leg and it just hurt to do any bending as well as my upper back and neck was tight too.. I dont know if I slept on it wrong or if I had done something from lifting weights on friday. My knee was still hurting as well as my inner calf too so I decided not to run monday..

Today I was still a bit sore in my back but thought I would go running and hopefully it would loosen things up.. Other then my knee aching most of the time I did pretty good.. My calf was pretty tight to start but eventually loosened up. By the last mile my knee started feeling somewhat better although I still had to keep stopping and adjusting the IT strap because of it sliding.. I also had to stop and walk about a block today to give my knee a rest and it seemed to help alot with the pain.. It didnt hurt much after walking it for a couple mins. I was even able to get a 8 min mile in. I did a lighter run today knowing i was going to do all my weights again today. Little did I know the worst was yet to come.

When I got home I noticed my foam roller finally came so I couldnt wait to go in and try it out..I started with my calfs and I did ok I did 3 sets of 10 rolling pretty fast I think the hardest part was how sore my arms were getting from holding me up to roll. My calfs were pretty sore.. I didnt realize theyt were that sore until I began rolling. Then i moved up to my hams.. I was able to do 3- 10s as well those were pretty good. Then I moved to my lower back and I seriously thought I was going to die. I couldnt even roll at all. The pain was so horrible I seriously thought I could pass out from the pain... All I could do was lay against the roller with my weight and hold my breath and grit my teeth. I have never felt so much pain...HOLY CRAP!!!! I would just lay there then roll like 1/4 " then repeat the gritting and breath holding. I then did my quads and did ok I was able to do a few but the slower I went the more painful it was. Next my IT Bands Oh my gosh pain!!!!! It hurt so bad.

The slower I went the worse it was so I knew I really needed to get in there and break those knots up so I started down close to the knee which was wear it was the worse and I just layed there in the spot with my weight and held it there for 10 seconds. I could literally feel the pain radiate all the way through to the other side of my knee. It took everything I had not to scream... Then I would roll it up just a tiny bit then hold it for 10 and eventually made it up my leg to my hips then I tried to start over again.. I was only able to do it twice before I had had enough. I then went and did my calfs over doing the real slow movement again really getting in and kneading the areas.. I really didnt think I was this tight and had that many knots in me but boy was I wrong.. The pain is like this burning stabbing sensation.. At first on my back I thought I was doing it wrong and pinching my skin but then realized I wasn't pinching it, it was the little trigger point knots that I was rolling over and causing immense pain and burning from them.. Geeze louize.... Hopefully as I do these more and more I can get where I can actually roll over them without crying.. I am sure as they break up and loosen the pain in my knees and legs will improve greatly.. As soon as I tried to get up and walk I was so dang sore everywhere.. I hope I can walk by toninght.. I thought I would try and do some more rolling tonight to try and loosen them up again if I can bear the pain.. I dont know if theres too much of doing this or not but I am sure it couldnt hurt..

Total miles 5.92


Tall Girl Running said...

I don't envy you, sistah. I think if I suffered as much pain on the roller as you described, I'd never do it again! You might consider taking an ice bath after you roll to help with any inflammation. Hopefully that'll help ease the pain somewhat for the next time you're brave enough to roll.

Don't forget to hit your glutes, too. Is sounds strange, but your knees are often affected by how well your gluteal muscles are working.

You're on the right track!