Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out of my Groove

I was kinda dissapointed in what was supposed to be my long run today.. I got a really late start since I went to bed really late or should I say early this morning. I had a pretty big breakfast and I dont think I waited long enough afterwards.... Seems like everything was throwing my groove off today.. I took a water bottle with me thinking that since it was my long run I would need it around mile 5 or 6. I was planning on going around 7 today.. I'm not positive how long your long run should be compared to your normal runs but I thought that would be a good distance but nothing cooperated with me today. It was really throwing me off trying to run with a water bottle plus my cho strap i had above my knee kept sliding down my knee as I would run because of my leg getting sweaty so I had to keep stopping and pulling it up and tightening it. Finally after 2 1/2 mile I decided to swing past my house and drop the water bottle off and the strap and do a quick potty break. I headed back out but soon felt that I was not going to be able to make a long run. I think my body was not happy with my breakfast. I thought I would try and just go my normal distance and then do a long run on tues. so I kept plugging away hoping I would make it without having to turn around and run for home. By mile 5 I was feeling a little better but I still couldnt get my groove on.. My ipod headphones shorted out on one side so I had to stop and attempt to fix it but didnt have any such luck. It's weird but when I run everything has to be working together so when you have something like sound coming out of only 1 side of your headphones or a strap falling down you leg or trying to carry something as you run it just really throws off your groove if you know what I mean.... Shortly after mile 5 My hubby and my youngest caught up with me on their bike and decided to ride along side of me. My youngest is only 4 so she had to keep stopping to take a break.. So I would have to stop and run in place with her cuz she didnt want me to leave and get ahead of her.. I finally convinced her she was tired and asked if she wanted to go home so my hubby took her home and I finished my last mile. My knee was not coopertating with me either despite my stopping every couple of miles to stretch so I knew I better call it quits.. If it had been feeling better I think I could have gotten in 1 more mile to get my long run in. I did get a little more distance in then my normal runs but not what I wanted.. Owell I will shoot for next week sometime.. Maybe thursday because Sat we are going to go to the zoo early in the morning.
All in all not to thrilled with todays run..

Total miles 6.78 (W).99 (R)5.79


Jen said...

Some days just don't work and you should be proud you did as much as you did with all those problems. Next time will probably be the greatest run ever!