Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Run

I went down to the track at the highschool this morning and did my long run.. Well as long as I could for trying to come back slow... I was a little scared that my legs would hurt because i felt some twinges in them before I left. But everything was good. I had no pain with running other then my knee but even that didnt start until mile 2 so that was better then it has been, I was able to run 5 miles with a 1/2 mile warm up and 1/2 mile cool down giving me 6 total in 70 min and that was with stopping and doing some stretching after running a mile. So not bad for my first long run coming back..I think it was a mile more then what I ran on thursday so that was good.. I was a little worried because I was still really sore from doing weights on thursday. I am glad friday was not a run day.. After running I thought I would go run the bleachers since I was there. I started out pretty strong for as tired as I felt but I pooped out quickly.. I was only able to do 5 sets of 1/1... I am pretty surprised that tonight I dont feel more sore in my legs.. It's been a long time since I have ran bleachers... It kicked me....... It was still really hard to get my miles in on the track.. Its just so boring and hotter then running through the neighborhoods, but I'm sure my knees and legs appreciated it..

I had a friend call me today from our ward that told me about some races that she has done.. I'm kinda excited.. There is a half marathon in delaware called the trail dogs. which is kinda hilly and one in Baltimore that is a trail run which actually has you running through a river twice.. She said it's was really great and beautiful. You get to run around a lake and she said it was so diffrent then running on flat pavement. Its one of those that you just run to run it and dont worry about time and how you are doing.. I might have to look more into them. I think one is in october and one is in march... We will have to see.


Jen said...

You're awesome! Keep it up and I'm glad the pain is minimal! Stairs really do kick your butt! Both of those half marathons sound really cool! I love the pretty runs. They give you something to focus on besides running!