Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sore Toes

Oh my piggys hurt so bad... On tuesdays run my baby toe on my left foot rubbed the whole time on my shoe making it bruise and swell up a little and it was so sore and on my right foot my middle toe got the biggest of all big blisters on it and so I tried lubing them up today with some glide stick and wearing some extra thick socks which seemed to help some but my blister was still really big today and my pinky toe was still really sore.. I hope they are feeling better by Saturdays long run.. My distance now is just about doing them in.. I remember when I was running these distances before I had some mild blistering and bruising but not quite this bad.. I dont know what the diffrence is.. Maybe its my shoes I dont know..... All I know is oweeeeee right now.. Its so funny because I lost my pinky and my middle toenails so I had to polish my skin where the nails used to be so it didnt look to dumb.. And now the nails are starting to grow back but they are coming in thicker then the rest of my toes so it looks funny and it bugs me cuz it feels like i have 2 inch thick nails growing and i have to cut some of it off to look normal.. Makes me wonder if i will ever have normal toenails again on those toes....

Anyways had another good run today. Knee pain was very minimal so I cant complain. My only complaint would be I got out to late today and it was pretty hot and humid with the storm coming in so it seemed to take alot more effort today and I was really tired and hot.. Oh did I mention it was really HOT!!!!!! I got in about the same distance today as last time.. Walked .45 for warm up, .38 for cool down and ran 5.09 in 71 mins... My son came with the first 2 miles so I spent alot of time running in place or really slow.. He complained again of knee pain so I told him he better stick with running around the block or waiting until he can run without knee pain..
I also did my weight workout today and P.T lifting and then came home and did a few more.. Seems like I was doing exercising a good half of the day by the time I get everything done... My upper body was still pretty sore from tuesdays weights so it was really hard to do them today.. I'm hoping I wont be as sore tomorrow...

All in all a very good workout day..


Jen said...

I'm so glad the knee pain is getting better and so sorry about the toe pain. Maybe you need bigger shoes? I go up almost a whole size in running shoes just because your feet swell when you run and they need extra room too. Good luck with the new toenails. My two are growing back too.