Friday, August 22, 2008

Dont Reccomend This

Yes...........I think I'm back.... I had a pretty good run today.. I decided to do my long run today since I am leaving early in the morning for the Philadelphia Zoo. Once again got a little bit of a later start then I wanted.. I left about 10:00 and it was pretty warm today but it could have been alot worse.. I think it was around 70 or 75 so not real bad... I tried to run as much as I could in the shady spots.. My oldest daughter came along with me today on her bike.. Even though I dont talk to her because I usually cant talk without getting more winded it was still nice knowing she was there.. She carried a bag with my water in it in case I needed some.. The plan was to go 8.5 miles. My knees felt really pretty good today as well as my legs. Only until about mile 7 did I feel my ITBand start to tighten up and ache.. I kept having problems with my IT band strap. It always starts to slide down my leg as my leg gets sweaty so I have to keep stopping and take it off and try to dry it and put it back on. I swear I wrapped it so tight it was cutting off the blood supply to my leg.. At one point I took it off but then my knee started hurting on the lower inside which was strange because I didnt think the IT band strap had anything to do with the lower and inner part of the knee but as soon as I put it back on the pain eased back up so I just had to deal with stopping evey half mile or so to readjust it.

I think i stopped maybe 4 times to take a drink of water and stretch my legs and knee a little and readjust the strap and that was it. Even with my knee starting to ache just a little towards the last mile or so it was still bearable so I decided to go around the block one more time since I was feeling so good and to my amazement I got in 9..26 Miles today.. I feel like I am finally back to where I was before my leg injury.. Now if I can just get to where these miles are my normal runs and my long ones are more like 12-14 miles.. I just am scared of pushing it to much to fast and getting another injury.. I felt really great afterwards, but then I think I did something not so bright... Ya I know shocker!!! I did my upper and lower weight workouts as well and I think I just about killed myself.. After completing my upper workout I was so shaky and exhausted. I felt sick to my stomach almost.. I thought maybe eating would help and it did some but not alot.. And I knew I had to get in my P.T lower body workout still since I wouldnt be able to go in tomorrow and my week was already thrown off from them not being in the office. I really didnt think I would make it but I did it... Barely!!!

I am just glad I get 2 days of rest so my body can recoop.... Other then all the walking around I will be doing tomorrow at the zoo... I just feel so exhausted and horrible tonight.. Not like real bad but just wiped out I think that was a little more then my body could handle all in one day.. I think you shouldnt do weights on the day of your long run. I definently wouldnt reccomend it.. Other then my left knee feeling a little sore and my legs stiffening up a little I dont feel to bad but I am sure I am really going to feel it tomorrow.... But hey I am still really hiped up about my distance today.. A great run!!!!


Tall Girl Running said...

Congrats on a great run! 9+ miles is some serious distance to cover on foot, so you deserve to feel very proud of your accomplishment. I know exactly what you mean about the tendency to overdo your workouts sometimes. I'll often do two workouts a day (running and biking), then even try to hit the gym later that evening. Although I feel full of energy while doing it, I inevitably crash the next day. Somehow, I gotta get it balanced out.

Have you heard about using a foam roller for your ITB trouble? I came out of a marathon a few months ago with both of my ITB's (from my hips to my knees) completely thrashed but was running nearly pain-free again after being introduced to the roller by my PT and faithfully using it for just a few weeks. It's been a magic cure for me and I'm eager to pass along the tip to others who could use it. Let me know if you're interested in more info about it.

Keep runnin'... you're doing great!

Tall Girl Running said...

I tend to use my roller in place of stretching (which really probably isn't the best course of action but it's my way of doing things for now). I roll four or five times a week, usually right after my runs. I don't spend a lot of time-- maybe seven or eight minutes total-- but I try to hit all the major muscles groups in my legs... glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings and the infamous ITB's (you can even roll your upper or lower back if it feels tight). I try to do 12-16 repeats on each muscle group, but you can work up to that over time. You can google "how to use a foam roller" and get all kinds of tips (there's even videos on YouTube to give you an idea of how it should look when you're doing it properly). I keep my roller in my living where I can see it and will often just plop down on the floor while watching TV and do some rolling. I figure it won't hurt!

As you've already seen on Jen's blog, it's not a comfortable exercise, especially at first when you have a lot of knots in your legs to work out. You'll have to just clench your teeth and do the best you can, but the more you work out those knots, the less pain you'll feel while rolling. If rolling hurts too much, you can also just find the knot in your leg (it's fairly obvious once you start using the roller) and just rest your body weight on it without actually rolling. Even that will do some good although you'll eventually want to work into full rolling. Soon enough, it won't hurt at all and you'll know it's doing the trick. If you're pretty sore after rolling, you might want to do some icing to help with the inflammation. I've had several deep tissue massages from my P.T. over the years that have been downright tortuous (not to mention expensive), so the roller really is a great alternative as something you can do yourself at home.

Let me know if you have any questions once you get your roller. Be patient and diligent... I really think you'll start seeing a difference in a couple weeks. Good luck!