Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Much Cooler

Today was so much cooler. I got out an hour earlier and a cold front had moved in last night so it was really nice today. I wish it could have been this cool yesterday.. I still wasnt quite in my element today.. My knee was hurting just a little before my run but seemed to do fine most of the way until the last half mile or so.. I'm not sure I could have done much more distance today so I am glad I was only doing a light short run. I went my normal route today but backwards and I didnt realize how much of a slope was in the roads until I tried to do it backwards and found I was running up steeper inclines.. I cant complain it's still pretty flat but you definently notice it in your legs and knees when your running up steeper inclines.. There was alot of shade today so with the cooler temps it was so nice. I still didnt feel quite like I wanted to, I guess those effortless gliding days are few and far between but it was a pretty good run all in all.. I'm hoping my P.T is in today so I can get my lower body workout done.

Total Miles 5.17 (R) 3.16 (W) 2.01


Jen said...

I was just talking with Jodi today about those slight inclines that seem to be worse than a hill. And I know how you feel about those days of really feeling good being few and far between. Good thing for those good days or we'd NEVER run!