Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today was a great day.. I had taken monday off because it was raining all morning and then by the time the sun finally came out I had already gotten ready for the day and didnt feel much like running.. Today was a beautiful day. A little on the warm side when I finally got out but still a good day. I had some leg pain in my right leg down in the inner shin which scared me a little but after a few mins it went away.. That was a relief. I stopped and stretched after mile 2 which is 1 1/2 running since I walked the first half mile and decided to just see how long it would take to run the next mile to kinda see where I was. I figured I was right around 10 min miles since i was trying to take it easy but to my surprise I ran it in 8 mins 5 secs I couldn't believe it.. I wasnt even trying to be speedy.. What a shock.....Of course the next mile was closer to 10 so i slowed down a bit.. I stopped and streched again after mile 4 because i started feeling some pain in my knee just a little and it was amazing because the stopping and stretching every couple miles really helped with my knee today. I was able to run another 8 min mile with no pain at all. Of course this time I was paying a little more attention to my speed so I think I ran faster but still it wasn't like I felt like I was pushing myself for speed. I slowed my pace a bit though the last mile and I was feeling so good today not having any knee pain that I went farther then I had planned but I figured as long as I felt good why not??? As I am sure you have all found out I am not the brightest when it has come to running... I matched my running distance of what I had done for my long run on Sat... My knee only started hurting the last block so maybe I should have stopped a little sooner when I wasnt having any pain but you dont know until you feel it how far you can actually go..

All in all I think it was a great run.. It wasn't effortless today like I have had before but I will take a day of no pain running over an effortless run anyday... I did all my strength training today and went to P.T to do my weights and I have noticed that I have gotten alot stronger in my legs and was able to increase the weight on most all my exercises so that is good... I am excited.... I will probably be stiff and sore tomorrow but for now I feel great.. I dont think it will take me long at all to get back up to where I was before my leg injury if I can keep having days like today... as long as I dont increase to fast I should be ok.. I think that is what may have caused my leg injury, going up in miles a little to fast and often... So we will see... I'm not sure what they say about how frequently you can increase your mileage without causing problems. I will have to go back to my book and research unless anyone out there can let me know.. Anyways an awesome run today......

Total miles 5.9 (R) 5.20 (W).70 65 mins with stretches