Thursday, August 7, 2008

Best Run in 12 Weeks

I have really slacked lately with my running.. I was still having some small pain with my leg and knee plus I'v been so busy I havnt ran for a week.. Today I finally got out and went running. My son accompanied me the first 2 1/2 miles. We only ran about 1 1/4 miles of it and walked or I ran in place as he walked the rest of the way. He said his knees was hurting him.. I wonder if he had done something yeaterday in karate because he has never complained of his knees before.. Maybe he will suffer from our family predisposition of arthritis in the knees.. i hope not.. So anyways I dropped him off home and took a potty break and decided to head out again. I ran an additional 2.79 miles giving me a total of running 4.04 miles and walking 1.54 miles. I think that has been my farthest dinstance in a while and the best part about it was I had no pain what so ever in my leg so I think that my stress fracture or deep shin splint has FINALLY after almost 12 weeks healed...This was the first time running that I didnt feel at least a little twinge or ache or had some pain 6 hrs later, but tonight the leg is feeling wonderful.. HOORAY!!! My knees however are not so hot... My knee that has had the surgeries started hurting as soon as I started running and kept it up the whole time but it was at least manageable and I was able to run with it.. I did my P.T exercises and weights today as well so its a bit sore tonight. I'v iced it 3 times today hoping it would help..

I'm really hoping now I can get back on track and get to where I had left off before the injury. If I can just get my knees to cooperate things will be bliss... I think it has alot to do with keeping my muscles loose and stretched. I havnt been doing so good on that lately so I think thats why my knee has been hurting as much as it has. I could feel my IT band was tight today. So anyways I am really excited now and am anxiously waiting to get things going again.. Now if I can just keep it up with no more injurys.

The plan is to bike tomorrow and then run on Sat. I think Jen's idea to run and lift on the same day and then rest or cross train on the day in between is a better plan. Thanks Jen.....

Totoal Miles 5.58 70 mins