Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I didnt get out monday like I was planning. I was having some twinges going on in my inner shins so I thought I better not chance it and rest so I could run today.. I am glad I did because today they felt great and I had no pain in my knees either.

Once again I got way to late of a start. I didnt get out until 10:30 and it was pretty hot and humid.. I mapped out a new route today so I was excited to run it. It was part of my old route going backwards then I added a new loop of the park that we usually go ride our bikes around. I'v always wanted to come run the trails but have waited until my distances increased. The only thing I dont like about running the trails is on map my run the park and trails dont show up on there so I try and map it out from memory of the trails hoping I come pretty close, so I am not sure how accurate my miles were today. While waiting for my breakfast to digest I decided to do my upper body weights to help pass the time until I could run... I am not sure if that was a good idea or not. Todays run I seemed to really be dragging my feet and felt worn out.. Finally by mile 4 0r 5 i kinda started getting that tingle of your leg muscles all working together and its kinda that good feeling so my legs were like robotic plugging away but it felt like I was dragging my upper body. I'm not sure if it was just the heat and humidity wiping me out or if it was from lifting weights.

The route I did today didn't provide much shade so I was in full sun and it was tough.... It was a nice change of pace though to run this new route and it even provided a potty break at the park about half way through so that was nice but unfortunatly the drinking fountain was not working which is so dumb and made me mad.. Here this is a sports park and they dont have the drinking fountain working.... So I had to slurp some up out of the bathroom sink faucet.. Hey whatever works i guess. My legs felt like they could have kept going but the rest of me was dead shortly after beginning.. I made it though and I am glad I did and my knees felt great today as well as my legs so all in all it was a good run. Almost perfect if I would have left earlier this morning.. I was planning on doing my leg weights at P.T tonight but I guess they closed today and didnt bother to mention it to me so I guess I will do them tomorrow but it kinda throws my sched off a bit.. Owell I think I will do a light run tomorrow then do my P.T weights.

Total miles I think 6.85 (W) 1.43 (R) 5.42